FIbro and fatigue - difficult to exercise

Hi. I have fibromyalgia (after more than 10 years of pretending I didn't, I guess I have to accept it). The problem is that some days, it's almost impossible to gather up the strength to exercise. I am wondering if even 5 minutes of walking at a time counts.

If anyone else here has fibro, I would love to hear from her/him.



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    Every bit of exercise helps. If you can only walk 5 minutes, do that. If you can walk more, do that. Look up online exercises for fibro. I think I have seen certain exercises that are supposed to help with the pain.
  • I have Fibro and had a tough week last week!! I completely understand how you feel. Yes, 5 min walks do count. When you are in that much pain anything counts! Last week I did 3 ten minute walks a day just to get some exercise in. I normally ride my stationary bike 16 miles a day but that is impossible when I have a flare up. Feel free to friend me for support:-)
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    Hard to say. I have a friend with Fibro, and she tries to exercise, and sometimes it sets her back so badly she's in bed for two or three days afterwards, so I don't know if its worth that. She did buy an exercise machine (an X-Glider, I believe) and uses that when she's having good days.

    I would say try to incorporate as much movement into your day as you can without overdoing. I would think most of your weight loss would have to come from limiting calories.

    I do know my fibro friend went on a gluten free diet and lost thirty pounds in four months after trying unsuccessfully to lose for months. It really clicked for her.
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    Hi, my one and only sister has fibromyalgia and struggles some days even to get out of bed. I know from her experience that it can be quite an uphill struggle. Have you tried Lyrica? She has suffered with the disease for 20 years or so - and has said it's the only thing that makes her feel better (she has tried pain patches, morphine, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc)

    I hope you feel better and achieve all of your goals.
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    i have fibro and ms also. its so hard to find the right exercise and energy to do it with. i have a giant exercise ball and if nothing else, i try to bound on it at least 10 minutes a day. its very light and sort of fun actually. today i incorporated a hand weight while i did it. but its a worth a try and might even help with the tired feeling. :) good luck to you
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    I find that exercise helps me with Fibro, but i also get really fatigue sometimes. Exercing for 5 minutes at a time is great. At least your getting some exercise in. Good luck to you.
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    I too have fibro....when I started exercising 2 weeks ago I was feeling great. So great that yesterday I increased my intensity of my workout....faster walking...heavier weights. It was a HUGE mistake....I'm home in bed today hardly being able to move. I know what I did wrong...too much too fast. I'm not stopping only taking a step back and going slower. Working on letting my body adjust....One of the hardest things when you have fibro is to get up and move. But I promise you any little bit helps....its always a Catch 22 situation. Can't move because of the fibro and benefiting from the exercise that helps us.

    Start walking even if for only 5 minutes...allow your body to adjust. Maybe next time you can go for 10 but never push yourself to exhaustion.

    Number one rule: Listen to your body but remember fibro suffers do benefit from exercise
  • Hi there! I am a 50 year old Grammy and I have fibro also. I was diagnoised about 14 years ago! I would love to be your friend! Yes 5 minutes of walking counts. You just have to go slow you can't go too fast. I am also going to give you an amazing web site and I want you to go there and check it out. My daughter also has fibro and has for several years and we are both doing very well. We are both on the Guaifenesin protocol by a doctor in California and it is amazing. I was wheel chair bound when I was diagnoised at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. They of course put me on anitidepressents which is all they new to do back them. When my doc at the Mayo clinic saw how this was changing my life he investigated and now recommends all his fibro patients to check it out! Then I found Dr. St. Armand and am I glad the Lord brought him into my life. I have never met him or his nurse who is awesome also but my doc I go to is amazing. Here is the web site I want you to go too and if you have any questions just email me anytime. I would love to help. I too am trying to get some weight off but it isn't easy having fibro and a thyroid condition but I am not giving up! The Lord Bless You! VWGRAMMY <><

    Dr. St. Aramand at the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center and site at
  • Thanks so much, everyone!