Endurance 10K

Anyone ever done one of these?

I have stupidly agreed to participate (paying £45 for the privilege!) with two male work colleagues who are both sports teachers and very very fit. I thought it was more or less a 10K run but no ... running through fire, muddy swamps, over hay bails, over hurdles in the forest, up muddy hills, over oiled surfaces - and up and over a wall to finish.

I'm relatively fit but I don't think I stand a chance in hell of completing this. And they won't let me back down.

Terrified. Anybody got any rays of hope?

It's this Sunday by the way so I can't do any specific training.


  • iAMaPhoenix
    iAMaPhoenix Posts: 1,038 Member
    Have not done one yet, but am doing one in January. We have two popular ones her in America called Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder with the latter being the longest and more intense of the two. I say go for it and have fun. It sounds like a blast.
  • carolinedb
    carolinedb Posts: 236 Member
    Sounds like Warrior Dash! Go for it--everyone's supposedly super helpful and encouraging! Even if you don't finish fast or pretty, go for it and have fun :).
  • jellybaby84
    jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
    Thanks. Think Im going to need a miracle. Colleagues promised they won't leave me but that's almost more embarrassing!