Gym Scale VS. Wii Fit Scale

They are TOTALLY different! And it is driving me crazy! Okay, well not really, but I want to know what others feel on this topic!

My Gym scale says I have lost a little over 1 pound since I started out
My Wii Fit scale says I lost about 5 pounds since I started out

I do not have access to the scale that my doctor uses so I am not sure exactly how much weight I have lost.
Should I go out and buy my own scale and just work with what that says until I can get to the doctor to figure out my true weight?

How would you go about this situation?
(And my clothing doesn't change unless I go to the doctor)


  • vanessaclarkgbr
    vanessaclarkgbr Posts: 765 Member
    I'd just choose the same one and stick to it, when I use the Wii Fit I ignore what it tells me I weigh as I use the work digital scales once a week :-)
  • ShrinkingNinja
    ShrinkingNinja Posts: 460 Member
    I wouldn't rely on either scale honestly. I would get your own. Timing of when you weigh in can make a big difference on what you get. You got to weigh in at the same time, under the same conditions to be as accurate as possible.
  • vsetter
    vsetter Posts: 558 Member
    Pick one and only use that one!
  • monocot
    monocot Posts: 475 Member
    My home scales says I weight 201, my wii fit thingie says im 208. Yesterday my scale read 200 and the wii fit board said i gained 2.5 lbs.
  • personally, i went out and bought a scale when i got serious and i just go by that. before that i was using the one at the gym and they are pretty close.
  • mariapuhl
    mariapuhl Posts: 529 Member
    The wii fit scales I find bounce up and down a LOT if you put them on carpet. They are horrible on carpet. Especially if it's thick carpet. Stick to the gym scale and always use that one.
  • pinkgigi
    pinkgigi Posts: 693 Member
    Yep it totally sucks what different scales say. I weigh at home every day, but at the gym (with my trainer) fortnightly. I believe the gym scale most of all because it is mechanical as opposed to digital. The home scale gives me a different reading if I get off and then on again, and it messes with my head!

  • kristilovescake
    kristilovescake Posts: 669 Member
    I think unless you have a reason for weighing yourself at the gym, stick to the wii (as long as it’s giving you a similar number – make sure it’s not off due to being on carpet or missing a leg). The reason? Consistency.

    It doesn’t matter WHAT you weigh as much as it matters how much you’ve lost. Well.. for tracking purposes.

    I’m driving myself crazy trying to predict my gym weigh-ins (due to gym competition) compared to my Wii weigh-ins and I’ve decided I’m just going to pretty much ignore the gym scale until it’s time that I have to weigh-in. It’s impossible to try to track the weight loss using different scales.

    Some reasons it’s different: some scales are just different (due to accuracy?), you’re wearing different shoes, drinking different amounts of water, different time of day, etc etc.

    Don’t stress about it :) Just try to stick to one scale and go from there.
  • fabafter5
    fabafter5 Posts: 200 Member
    I would get a 5lb weight and test the scales out. The one closest to 5lbs is the one that I would use.
  • I'd pick one scale and weigh yourself once a week at the same time with the same or no clothes on. If you want to buy a new scale that is fine also but remember, it's best to just use the same scale every time for the most accurate readings.
  • hazelmae123
    hazelmae123 Posts: 109 Member
    I love the wii cause it tracks for a long time. So even though the dailies may change it gives a great long term picture. But always use the same scale then it will still be tracking your lose acurately. I just got weighed at the dr and it was only a pound of two different from what the wii told me.
  • shorty458
    shorty458 Posts: 163 Member
    I do notice a little difference in the Wii Fit Scale and my scale. Just a couple pounds though. However, as long as it continues to go down - I'm happy. For my general weight though - I go by my scale. I'm just happy that the Wii Fit is not telling me I am obese anymore! I'm now just overweight.
  • beccadaniixox
    beccadaniixox Posts: 542 Member
    My Wii Fit scale and normal scale matched up almost perfectly. It seems to change from person to person.
  • I use my home scale, the dial type. I put two 5 pound weights on it and it lined right up at 10 pounds. I double check my kids' weight after dr appts and it is always within a pound. The Wii varies a lot more. And the gym scale? If it's even in service, it is usually off and I am weighing dressed with shoes so it seems less accurate. I agree -- pick one and track the loss that way.
  • radix89
    radix89 Posts: 48 Member
    Is your WII on carpet? It could make a difference, but I guess as long as you're using it consistently you'll still end up with the same results. I would think a regular scale would be more accurate. I hate the old fashioned Dr. scales because I can never seem to balance the weights.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
    ILiftHeavyAcrylics Posts: 27,732 Member
    I go to two different doctors and their scales never agree, there's another at my mom's house that's different from both and a fourth that I own that's different from all three. I'd choose the one you have to best access to, and like was said above, always weigh at the same time of day. I weigh first thing in the morning every week or two. I know, scales are evil, but if I don't weigh every week I'll let myself gain 5 pounds without realizing it until it's too late. :P
  • Espressocycle
    Espressocycle Posts: 2,245 Member
    I doubt the wii scale is very accurate, get a real one for $20.
  • sammys1girly
    sammys1girly Posts: 1,045 Member
    I have my wii scale on a flat wooden floor and I think it's pretty accurate. And if it's not exactly correct, that's ok, as long as I use the same scale for consistency. The drs scales vary all over the place and often I am wearing shoes so I don't go by them too much. My regular home scale is very close to the wii but I like how the wii scale keeps track for me. The exact number doesn't stress me out as much as not seeing any progress.
  • LadyGhostDuchess
    LadyGhostDuchess Posts: 894 Member
    I went out and got myself a scale :) I hope this will help with my scale drama!
  • nicehormones
    nicehormones Posts: 503 Member
    My wii fit always shows me as about 5-6 pounds less than my normal scale, and I have tried weighing on both at the same time of day..

    I would invest in a simple bathroom scale and just stick to that one :)