Flying by the seat of our skinny little pants WK4(closed gro

Hello lovely ladies!
How are you all doing? We've had several people ill recently and so our numbers have dropped a bit. It seems as though we are all recovering pretty well now, so let's really get at it this week! We are in New Zealand right now, so have a bit of flying to do to get to Hawaii and on to the continent.
Are you ready for this weeks' first challenge? I know you are getting a bit weary, I've not heard from a lot of you for a bit, but have been checking in, so let's pick it back up and give a big push. I want you to look at last week's calories burned (if you were sick, look at the week before, or the last "normal" week), add up a weeks worth of calories. Now find your biggest burn of the week and add that to your weekly total...that is your goal for this week. So if my weekly total is 3500, and my biggest burn is 800 calories, my goal for this week is to burn 4300 calories...or MORE :happy:
You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and let's fly home!


  • MyFriendLinn
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    As one of the sickies (and I was!!!-thanks so much for everyone's well wishes), I'm looking forward to making up some exercise and am committing to throw some big numbers in this coming week.

    I know we are all doing our best and I just love our team so much, big round of applause to Zumba our team leaders.

    Ok Team..........lets Rock and Roll, we dominate the skies!

    Big hugs all around! Linn
  • LivLovLrn
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    Hello Ladies! How is your week going? I hope all are well and getting over whatever might be ailing you. I know a lot of people here and at school have been out sick. We are doing well on our quest, though, so keep up the good work :) We are almost to Hawaii right now...great job! Let's see how close to the mainland we can get with the rest of this week!

    I have a website for you to check out, for your next mini challenge

    check it out, try it and tell me what you think!
    Have a great rest of your week!
  • Soccer_Chick
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    Looks great! Thanks!