pet peeves

what are a few of your pet peeves?
i hate to be the last to comment on something on mfp.
i hate it when someone gets into my personal stuff.
i hate it when i clean something and then someone comes behind me and messes it up.


  • justme84x
    #1 MFP pet peeve: all the food ads on this site such as Papa John's pizza and others URGH!
  • surfrgrl1
    surfrgrl1 Posts: 1,464 Member
    Someone hovering or 'stalking' me at my desk the nanosecond I arrive at work.
    People chewing with their mouths opened.
  • SergeantSunshine_reused
    mfp pet peeve? When I get requests from men. Even though it states CLEARLY on my profile that I will not accept them xD Wish they would read it :p
  • WifeMomDVM
    WifeMomDVM Posts: 1,025 Member
    Taking something out of the microwave before the cook time is up and then not hitting the "clear" button so you can't read the clock, but only the remaining cooking time! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!

    And when my mom leaves the milk out on the counter, but thankfully since I'm married, I don't have to deal with that except when I go home to visit! :)
  • voodoomoocow
    voodoomoocow Posts: 60 Member
    I hate it when I'm eating a popsicle and I let someone try it and they take a bite out.
    I hate it when people don't ask to try a bite of something and just reach over and grab.
    I hate it when people say "I can't do anything right!"
    I hate it when i'm at a store and a cashier says "i'll take who's next in line" when she already has a customer, and I go over there and the original cashier was faster despite a longer line.
  • Sassi50
    Sassi50 Posts: 67 Member
    I bothers me when people creep my computer at work
    Or when someone takes a drink from my water bottle (take it, it's yours now)
    Or when clients refer to me as "just the receptionist"...FYI this receptionist is the supervisor as well as the person that will schedule your services....better treat me right.
  • DakotaKeogh
    DakotaKeogh Posts: 693 Member
    Cracking gum!! One of these days I'm going to leap over the cubical divider and... Zen
  • capriciousmoon
    capriciousmoon Posts: 1,263 Member
    Having someone hover and try to read what I'm typing.
    Any sort of comment about calories or weight while I'm trying to eat.
    People that drink my soda without asking or think it's a good idea to share a soda or energy drink. No. I need my own!
    Milk in the door of the fridge.
  • catwrangler
    catwrangler Posts: 918 Member
    When someone with the worst eating habits in the universe tells me how and what I should eat DAILY (TOTALLY looking at you boss :mad: )

    xmas stuff in the stores and on TV commercials mid-October :noway:
  • hippotx72
    When I am serving some dessert and someone says "there goes your diet!"
    I have to explain gently that . . .
    1) I don't "diet"--that's so temporary
    2) I've logged everything, including said dessert, into the food tracker and made sure that I've made room for it (see #1)
    3) it's NONE of their business!!!

    Okay, so this has only happened once (today), but I've officially designated it as a pet peeve!
  • yoshi91610
    yoshi91610 Posts: 177 Member
    People who gossip, or try to get gossip out of me, I listen when people talk but that doesn't mean I am opening my mouth to someone else. And when I say I really don't have time or the patience for gossip I mean it.

    Unwanted parenting advice. "Your child must be hungry." Is the most annoying advice I have ever gotten (especially since my child hardly ever cries)

    And finally I guess it's an extension of the first one, but liars...when you just start making up stuff to make yourself sound "Cooler" or whatever number 1 way to get me to never hang out with you again.
  • fordster99
    fordster99 Posts: 181 Member
    People who drive extremely close to cars in front of them.
    People who don't say "excuse me" when they step in front of you
    People who take their kids somewhere and let them run wild.
  • karenbobaren
    karenbobaren Posts: 127 Member
    #1 - Bad spelling or grammar. Especially when spell check is available!
    #2 - Bad tipper! It urks when I have a meal with someone and when it comes to the tip they turn out to be very tip!
    #3 - People who lack common sense.
  • magichatter06
    magichatter06 Posts: 3,593 Member
    Taking something out of the microwave before the cook time is up and then not hitting the "clear" button so you can't read the clock, but only the remaining cooking time! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!

  • Herownself
    Herownself Posts: 56 Member
    People that don't use their daggon blinkers!!!
  • catch1331
    Cliches...... like " living the dream", or " Always darkest before dawn"
  • kirakaydawn
    I hate people that stop in the Aisle's so you can't get past them cause they are to busy catching up with someone they bumped into..

    People that only leave a mouthful of drink in the bottle in the fridge *looks at boyfriend with a glare*

    People who take food off my plate.. I HATE it... If they ask go for it..

    People that use my gravy... lol So I have a weird habit where I don't like it on my food I have it in a bowl I use it when I want it..
    and my bf always seems to dip his food in it and it always seems to be something I don't eat!!

    People that tell me I was secluded as a child cause I didn't eat much meat..
  • flsunshine
    flsunshine Posts: 188 Member
    people standing over my shoulder
    people who dont pick up after themselves
    people who chew open mouth or talking with food in the mouth
    people who whine about situations they can change but refuse to
    and my biggest peeve of all since i work with animals is people who cant or refuse to correctly hold an animal
  • cutiepie2628
    cutiepie2628 Posts: 415 Member
    for someone to pop gum in my ear...
    people who always complain about everything... the whoa is me syndrome... i hate this....
    omg... i have so many
  • Scorpioangel
    Scorpioangel Posts: 951 Member
    People who openly belch and don't say excuse me
    Chewing with the mouth open
    People who are super nosey for no reason
    Creepers at work!