Ready to get back on the bandwagon! need motivation MFP frie

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So i'm a 21 year old nursing student from canada, and I've fallen off the bandwagon, but im ready to do this for real! My goal is to lose as much as i can before my trip to florida in the third week of february. I'm currently 190 pounds, and 5'6. im looking for people with similar measurements and goals that I have! I'd like to get down to 150, see how i look, and then maybe bring it to 135. I've got my ghym membership and i really like to be outside so im hoping to time-manage enough to get to do those things :)


  • krystalgwen
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    I am also 21 i weigh 184 and my goal is also 135 :)
  • shovav91
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    Welcome! You can do this!
    It's a long journey, but don't get discouraged. It's a marathon-not a sprint! Don't do too much too quickly and you WILL see success! :D
    Feel free to add me and message me with any questions!
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    Feel free to add me! I've flung myself from the bandwagon time and time again, but I always crawl back on. :wink:
  • We are here for support. You can do it. We all come off the wagon but it is the strong ones that get back on for the ride.
  • 40 lbs loss in that time frame is 2.5 lbs/week. A good goal, yet to do it that timeframe might be unhealthy. Eating well as we get into cold/flu season is important. You can do it - in a healthy way. Track your foods, your exercise, drink liquids, take supplements, SLEEP enough hours. Don't be discouraged - it didn't jump on overnight and won't get off overnight. Stay the course. Have a sheet of paper or a calendar showing the days from now till your trip. THAT'S your goal. Stay the course - you can do it.
    When you DON'T want to do something - no amount of encouragement can make you do it.
    When you WANT something - nothing can stand in your way!
  • riouxha
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    i should clarify i dont want to hit my goal weight in that time, just get as close as I can before then :)
  • kamikazikelli
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    Welcome back girl! I'll definitely try to help you. I just recently got back on the bandwagon!