Winter Jacket NSV! (:

Today I had to break out the winter jacket.. 43 degrees and rain all day.. yuck! Last year I found this great Columbia ski jacket on Clearance for $25.. it was a snug Sz L.. I could zip it up- but it was not easy.. being the bargain hunter that I am, I bought it and vowed that I would be able to zip it up without becoming a contortionist this year.. Put it on today and it fits perfectly.. Yay!!! (:


  • rowlandk
    rowlandk Posts: 146 Member
    Yay! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
  • 6heatherb6
    6heatherb6 Posts: 469 Member
    That's terrific!!! :happy:
    Don't be 'sad' WHEN it is too BIG for you at the end of winter :noway:
    Keep up the great work :flowerforyou:
  • afwg1979
    afwg1979 Posts: 170 Member
    I know how much this must mean to you. Enjoy your jacket while you can, and as "6heatherb6 said, "Don't be sad when it is too big for you . . ." You'll be able to get an even nicer jacket for next year!
  • GCPgirl
    GCPgirl Posts: 208 Member
    It's a great feeling! I put on my Pea Coat today that I could barely button last year and now it fits perfectly!
  • Congratulations on the NSV and the great bargain!! :) I don't think that I would have been able to pass up that deal either!
  • Hoppymom
    Hoppymom Posts: 1,158 Member
    My daughter had to go buy a new one this week. She was sooooo happy! WTG!
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