New Guy

Hello everybody!

A fellow co-worker introduced me to this site and I must say, it's great! What an awesome tool.

I'm a pretty typical guy......I love the outdoors in general, hiking, camping, fishing, beaches, clamming, hunting, bonfires, boating, off road racing, hot rods, big trucks (anything with lots of horsepower), radio controlled vehicles, beer and guns. :tongue:

I'm getting started here while my journey is in process. Over the years, as I moved from a physical job to a desk job, drank too much beer, ate whatever I wanted and smoked too many cigarettes, my health had deteriorated to a point where I was huffing, puffing and sweating by just doing yard work. Not my cup of tea......

At my heaviest, I was 193lbs (at 5' 7"). I joined a gym last December and lost 14 pounds in three months. I guess I pushed myself a little to hard as a simultaneous knee and shoulder injuries put me on the side line. I am now back at it. I'm restarting my journey from the 185lb mark. Fortunately, I only gained six pounds back during my six month hiatus. Good thing I at least stuck to not eating so badly...... I am now down to 178lbs with a goal of 165lbs well before Thanksgiving. I'll see how I look and feel at that point.

Anyways.....that's my story. I'm looking forward to once again being able to enjoy the acitvities I love so much to their fullest!

Best wishes to you all on your roads to achievement!