Hello MFP Community!

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Hello from Australia! I've never reached out like this before, but I really need to get myself accountable and 'going public' will help, I hope.

I'm 30 years old, with about 35kg/78lbs to lose. I've been overweight for all of my adult life, indeed all of my teenage years too....so it's a long story.

About 2 years ago through consistent exercise and clean eating I was about 17kg lighter than I am currently. But then I met my boyfriend, fell in love and together we stacked on the weight! Also, I (finally) turned vegetarian at the start of the year and added another 7kg through poor veg eating. I am in the process of getting my veg*n education with the assistance of an amazing naturopath, so food wise I am meat, dairy, gluten and soy free....it's a challenge. But I have learned (and am learning) so much about food and now get genuinely excited about visiting my local farmer's market!

I do love exercise - once I'm in a routine - but I struggle to really push myself. I guess this is somewhat common though? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who avoids working legs, or abs....or whatever feels too hard at the time :)

Anyway, I hope to tap into the community feel of this site to be helped - and help others - towards our goals.

K x


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    Welcome to the group. I joined about one week ago, I've found it very helpful just keeping track of my food. I hope that you have a wonderful experience here. ENJOY!!!!
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    Welcome from USA.. great site and a the folks are really good