what is skinny you going to do..



  • quitmakingexcuses
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    I want to show off to these girls that used to be my friends.. They're dancers so their bodies are crazy. I didn't want to be the chubby funny friend anymore, so I opted to work towards the hot-bodied funny friend :)
  • lisamerida
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    :blushing: buy a bikini and actually wear it.
  • When I am skinny, I will continue doing the same things I'm currently trying to do: Eat healthily and exercise. I am not going to wait until I am skinny to be confident and enjoy life. But I will be able to fit into my old clothes again once I lose this weight.
  • Debbe2
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    Want to be able to run a considerable distance. And I used to love riding my bicycle long distances so that would be great too. Still have my Schwinn bike <3
  • :blushing: buy a bikini and actually wear it.

    This. I've never worn a bikini.
  • darbym7
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    Within the next couple of months im moving to LA with my boyfriend. when im skinny im going to go to the beach and have all those skinny california girls jealous of my body. ill workout and be confident in my body and ill love going out more! ive always been into fashion but i never dress myself nice because the clothes dont fit how i want them to... so im definitely going to change that!
  • sheisbrown
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    don't say you'll never be skinny, I never thought I would be under 225 pounds again and that was my GOAL..........I'm now 40 pounds past there and on my way to 165..... and I already know that when I get there.... it's going to change again...... have faith in yourself... it's your body....you decide how it's going to look!

    Congrats on your weight loss! That is absolutely awesome.

    My goal is not really to be "skinny". Being skinny doesn't even sound good to me. When I think of skinny I think of boney girls that eat salad all the time! Not my goal! I want to be healthy, fit and strong! Which in my mind, has nothing really to do with being skinny. If I can be healthy and still have a booty then fine. I don't need to be a size 6 nor, do I want to entertain a fantasy of being thin and wait to do a bunch of stuff until I get there. I may never get there. And I want to accept my body for what it is. Even if its still a little chunky. Not everyone wants to be skinny and for me, I don't think its desirable or realistic goal. I have the utmost faith in myself and my ability to get healthy, strong and fit as well as love my body.
  • sheisbrown
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    Well I never waited to be skinny to do what I wanted. I have already done rock climbing indoor and outdoor ( just outside the grand canyon), became a certified Zumba and RIPPED instructor and currently teach, and now I am planning to run a 5k in the next few months. See someone once told me if I could lose 15 lbs I had the strength and determination to do anything. Sure enough to date I have lost 25 lbs and still losing. Don't wait to be skinny to do something fun and exciting. Just Do It!:smile::smile:

    Great advice! I totally agree with this!
  • quiksandy
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    Buy whatever clothing I want without trying to hide my stomach fat. Attract my husband more!

    I will also finally allow myself to appear in photos and family events. My poor kids have years of photos where mom is oddly absent.
  • stevwil41
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    Anything I want! The problem is getting myself in the mindset of not being the fat guy. This seems to be harder than actually losing the weight and getting healthy.

    This past summer I went to a couple of pool parties which was quite liberating. I was still the fat friend but not so fat that I was ashamed of taking my shirt off to go swimming. I don't have much interest in skiing but I want to go tubing this winter and in the spring a group of us are going to go zip-lining. Some serious hiking would be cool too.
  • cppeace
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    as shallow as it may sound I want to make guys drool. I wanna attract loads of guys. I wanna wear skimpy clothes and tease like silly :P Im not a slut but would love to dress like one whenever I want to :P
  • To actually enjoy going out, I come up with any excuse to stay at home because I am so disappointed at how I have treated my body for the last 4 years. It will be so liberating to have the self confidence to go out and know that I look great without being so paranoid that people are looking at me for the wrong reasons.