16min. better than my goal!

Last Saturday I ran in my very first, and certainly not last, 1/2 marathon with my fiance. It was along the coast of Cape Cod, such a beautiful & challenging experience. My goal was to run under 2hrs. I ran the 1st mile in 7:42 and almost freaked out, but my fiance promised me it was fine as long as I felt good.

I ended up running it in 1:43:28. I can't believe I ran that fast!!! I never imagine I would be able to run under 8min/miles for the whole race. Maybe a marathon is in my future???? :)



  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,248 Member
    Awesome! You totally rock!!! :drinker:
  • shovav91
    shovav91 Posts: 2,335 Member
    You are my HERO! I've recently realized I can run 5k, and my next goal is 10k. Half marathon is my ultimate goal! I'm so happy for you! Keep on running... looks like it's your calling :D
  • way to go!! My sister is running a half next September in Disney World!
  • nuttyfamily
    nuttyfamily Posts: 3,394 Member
    Congrats and love your profile picture!
  • jknoell
    jknoell Posts: 254 Member
    Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your time - you must feel so proud! My goal is to someday run a 1/2 marathon - I feel totally inspired by you! Thank you for posting this wonderful success story!!
  • soccermum75
    soccermum75 Posts: 588 Member
    Wow! Amazing time! And you should try a full!:drinker:
  • Amazing job!! Congrats!
  • B3Streeter
    B3Streeter Posts: 292 Member
    Thank you! I was so incredibly happy! & my fiance & I just signed up for a full marathon in May!
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