Training for any Marathons Spring/Summer 2012???

Who is training for marathon? I need support and inspiration. This will be my first and man its harder than I thought, but I'm MOTIVATED! I lost 50lbs and now I want to go to another level of fitness stamina :)


  • soccermum75
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    Me! I ran a half in September and want to run a full in May. i live in Canada so we got lots of snow. It's my first year running so I don't know how i am going to handle winter running. Eeek!:noway:
  • paigele
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    I am training for a 10 mile run which I will do on Sat. I don't know that I could do a marathon. My joints are starting to show their age and years of neglect. But I will cheer you on. That is some serious time dedication you are up to. How far is your best distance to date?
  • I just started training one week ago only up to 4miles right now ...I have time though, but I do know its a HUGE challenge
  • flvsusandy
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    I am planning on running my marathon on 4/28/12 with a friend! It is the country music marathon in Nashville, TN.

    My first half will be on Thanksgiving day this year. I feel ready for it but a full marathon is a little scary! Would love to help support and motivate! :)
  • Thanks!
  • arc918
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    Count me in! I'm doing LA for the 5th time in March and San Francisco for the 3rd time in July. I'll probably run Surf City in early February (even though the course bores me to tears) or maybe I'll find another local race.

    Training for your first marathon is very exciting! Each week you are running your farthest (furthest?) distance ever and you have no idea how you are going to survive. But you do and then you do it again the next week. Eventually you start saying things like "I'm only running 16 miles this week." That's when you know you are officially insane.

    My $.02 - people should take the time to build a solid base before jumping from half to full. The more time you spend in half marathon shape (running 25-30+ miles per week consistently), the happier you'll be once you start upping your miles.
  • I may do a 10k or half for my first but I dont want to limit myself. :)
  • Legs_McGee
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    I'll be doing the Rock & Roll marathon in Seattle in June. I think.
  • bregalad5
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    I'm training for a 10 miler on March 31. I'm considering maybe doing one of the Rock 'n' Roll half marathons in the spring/summer, but I have to see how my knees hold up doing the 10 mile training (I'm in a local training program for it - similar to the C25k programs, but with live, coached group runs/meetings on Saturday mornings!)
  • Thanks so much for your inspiration!!!
  • arc918
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    Shires of Vermont on May 20 if the Gods are smiling ;)

  • meagalayne
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    30K Around the Bay in Hamilton, ON if I can work up the courage...

    Can I join ya?
  • Mommawarrior
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    I plan to run the Leading Ladies' Marathon in Spearfish, South Dakota in August. I would like to maybe get one in before that or at least a couple halfs.
  • jillybeanruns
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    My first is Saturday! My second is in March and my third is probably 2 weeks after my second :)

    My advice: commit to it. Don't make any excuses, listen to your body and you will do things you never thought were possible. It is an amazingly journey, equal amounts difficult and rewarding.

    Best of luck to you!:flowerforyou:
  • run4yourlife
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    MAYBE.....Or maybe 30K Race Around the Bay with Meag in March?? Eek! So I'm bumping this for later. But feel free to FR me. I could use some inspiration : )
  • tigerbluefly
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    I just finished my first marathon in October. Next up is Around the Bay in March, 30K and then training for another full and a 50 miler next September.
  • Scoobiesnax
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    I just completed my first marathon in Toronto a few weeks ago as well, and will be running the Hamilton Around The Bay 30k race in March. I am looking for a marathon to run in June sometime, preferably an out of province race. I love road trips ! I also have another marathon planned for next fall. Once you commit to doing it and register for a race, it's really quite a journey. Hang on and enjoy the ride !
  • rybo
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    I plan to run my 2nd full May 6th in Pittsburgh.

    That around the Bay race seems quite popular up north there.
  • meagalayne
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    Sure is Rybo! Looks like a fabulous race :bigsmile:

    tigerbluefly - Have you run the ATB before? Hope you make it out! love hearing that some strong MFP ladies are hitting the roads together :drinker:
  • tigerbluefly
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    Sure is Rybo! Looks like a fabulous race :bigsmile:

    tigerbluefly - Have you run the ATB before? Hope you make it out! love hearing that some strong MFP ladies are hitting the roads together :drinker:

    Yes, I ran it this past March. It's a great course. Be prepared for rolling hills though and one massive one at 27K. We had a great day, 9 degrees and sunny. The two years before this past one it rained. The weather this past year made the race an awesome experience.

    It was the first time I ran that distance. I trained to 25K and left the rest up to race day. I had no problems. Walk the massive hill, everyone does, and then it's an easy downhill incline to the finish line. Thats where you can make up your time.

    Let me know if you are going to do it!