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I've only been using my fitness pal for three days, and I'm hooked. I lost 30 pounds 5 years ago with a traditional weight loss program. I went back after my daughter was born and started gaining weight on their "new" program, instead. I've tried to lose on my own, but working nights seems to have thrown my system for a loop. I've never counted calories before, but it really seems to keep me on track. I was just diagnosed with post partum hypothyroidism ( even though my daughter is almost two) and know that make losing weight even more of a challenge. I'm hoping to find other folks out there willing to share ideas, successes, failures, and encouragement.


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    I am a night shifter too...definately has its set of challenges especially because of the sleeping pattern we keep! I have a 1 yr old at home as well. I am right there with ya! Logging my food has been important for me also...helps keep me in check. Planning my meals has been my other saving grace. If you need a friend....feel free to add me!
  • Hi I am doing this after someone at my gym recommended it. She lost over 50 kilos ( not using my fitness) but uses it to maintain her weight.
    I have been carrying about 25 kilos too much since my first pregnancy ( my son is now six!) I have been using my fitness for about 3 weeks and I am finding it good, even it is a bit monotonous - hang in there and I hope it works.
    I have a free day a week where I don't count calories and can eat what I want (but not much of it!) and I am still losing weight.
    My first goals is to have boobs that stick out more than my stomach
    Good luck
  • Welcome. I'm rather new too (only 3 weeks so far) and my son will be two in Feb and I feel like I'm finally on track to get the baby weight off for good.

    MFP has been great for me, so far. Having a way to keep track of what I'm eating has made all the difference. I'm loving having some structure--I feel like I'm in control and can either plan ahead or course correct if needed.

    You can add me, I'm happy to send some support your way.
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    Hello from another "nighter"!