Flying by the seat of our skinny little pants (closed group)

Guess what Ladies! WE MADE IT!!! We are done. Lee has not updated the map quite yet, but we definitely are HOME :) Great job. I sure enjoyed working with you all this past month or so and would be happy to be part of a team with you again in the future. Please keep in touch (just logging, posting, commenting as you do :smile: )!
Great job...pat yourselves on the back for a job well done :flowerforyou:


  • Soccer_Chick
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    Awesome! That was a fun trip! Thanks for being such a great captain!!
  • leahdanbury
    leahdanbury Posts: 132 Member
    Great job everyone!!!
  • Tree72
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    Way to go everyone! It's been a fun time getting to know you all. And thanks so much for being our captain. :flowerforyou: