Anyone have Reviews of "Biggest Loser- Cardio Max"...

I just got this video over the weekend and I am curious what others think. Pros and Cons?
Did you follow the whole 6 weeks or just go willy nilly on workouts???
Thanks in advance!! :D


  • shellbell1993
    shellbell1993 Posts: 316 Member
    bump I want this one and am curious too
  • ladybug1620
    ladybug1620 Posts: 1,136 Member
    I have it (I think this is the one) and I've done it twice. I found it to feel really disorganized for some reason. I didn't like it at all. It's collecting dust on my shelf somewhere. It did get my heart rate up though, so that counts for something :)
  • krysydawn
    krysydawn Posts: 231 Member
    Bump for some more opinions please!!!!