hi am new here

:smile: unsure were to start live in uk kent been going to gym for 10 weeks now looking for inpiration and encouragement and freinds as i dont really go out other than to gym and that seems to be a male dominated world lol i am currently 108.3 kg want to get down to 98 ish but finding gym hard work as i have siatica and arthritus too
at gym im using espresso bike on evening bliss 25 min, treadmill level 11 random hill (climbing kilomanjora lol) hope to chat to someone soon and make friends xx


  • Hello and welcome!

    I don't go to a gym either - I could go to the gym at college but I prefer not to. I'm too old to be hanging around the young student. LOL I have only been here a short while. I have fibro. I have started using Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds DVDs and they are wonderful! I love them. I do about 15 miles a week. I haven't lost much weight yet but I've just started.

    I am definitely firming up, though.

    Feel free to friend me.
  • PS I have arthritis too. I really think you should look into one of Leslie's DVDs. Get a cheap one on Amazon. I think you'll really like them. She talks too much but I ignore her. The workouts are very easy and won't injure you but involves many muscle groups. You can do it at your own speed.
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    Welcome to MFP!

    I'm from the UK too (Nottingham). I like going to the gym too but prefer the classes and I find there are more women than men in them, I do Body combat, Body attack and Body pump classes which are great fun. I like to do weights in the gym but usually take the weights somewhere quieter as there are usual lots of beefy men in the weights area which can be a bit intimidating.
    Have you asked a member of staff in the gym about suitable exercises for your sciatica and arthritis? They might be able to suggest some exercises that would be good for you.

    Good luck with the weight loss, feel free to add me if you like.

    Bec x