Oh why can't I quit you....



  • Summerleahd
    Summerleahd Posts: 314 Member
    Walmart? I have to try it now that I've heard about it lol
  • jazzalea
    jazzalea Posts: 412 Member
    hutches fish and chips.... BEST fish in chips around.....

    Cadbury mini eggs..... damn you cadbury..... you are an evil God!

    strawberry toaster strudel with that cheap liquid sugar icing........ and I don't even LIKE sweet damnit!
  • Maggieq87
    Maggieq87 Posts: 400 Member
    I won't give up alcohol. Until I'm old or settled an no longer love a brilliant party. But I feel I will always love them. I'm no where near old. Alcohol makes everything more fun, let's be honest.
  • mleoni092708
    mleoni092708 Posts: 629 Member
    I figure, if this is supposed to be a lifestyle change, I better figure out how to add in the things I love within reason and within my calorie limits. Depriving myself will make me go off the rails and eat like crazy.
  • I still eat everything...is that bad :? lol
  • Iamfit4life
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    Walmart? I have to try it now that I've heard about it lol

    not sure about wal mart.
  • Qarol
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    Walmart? I have to try it now that I've heard about it lol
    not sure about wal mart.
    I MISS Publix. *sad face*
  • littlesis412
    littlesis412 Posts: 314 Member
    Chocolate and coffee. You will deny me neither.
  • curvyniki
    curvyniki Posts: 48 Member
    Triscuits and pita chips.. I am a salty crunchy junky and they are my fix. I'm mostly ok w/ baked and reduced fat versions.. and I've been WAY better about not killing a box/bag in a day or two, and even keep to the serving size 90% of the time.. but they will never be GONE.
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream or peanut butter cup ice cream...they get in me in so much trouble
  • Laceylala
    Laceylala Posts: 3,094 Member
    Coffee - I flat out refuse to give that away.
    And when the mood strikes Oreo Cakesters. They are the debil. The bane of my hormonal existence once in a while.

    For the most part I've not really given anything up, just found my way around it by making them healthier. Even coffee...but the cakesters? Nothing can replace them.
  • dandrews010
    dandrews010 Posts: 253 Member
    Cigarettes. A bit of a cheat though seeing as they are calorie free. That's the trade off for the 10 year life shortening :smokin:
  • mommared53
    mommared53 Posts: 9,543 Member
    Chocolate. Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt! :bigsmile:
  • i_love_vinegar
    i_love_vinegar Posts: 2,092 Member
    i cant give up sweets and candies >.< My recommendation is to buy this thing called Royal Milk Tea and drink that instead of eating a bucket of ice cream...it is very sweet and tasty ^^ And it is not too high in calories ^o^

    Also The Dollar Tree has these Fudgesicles that are only 80 calories each and full size :D It comes in a box of 6 I believe~for only $1 :D
  • raspberry flavored twists mmmmmmmm
  • umachanxo
    umachanxo Posts: 928 Member
    Pizza - I make whole wheat, thin crust, with veggie pepperoni slices and part skimmed cheese now, but I will never quit pizza.
    And as for Starbucks - I still go there once in a while. Especially right now with their Christmas drinks! Skinny Peppermint Mocha, please!
  • There's a take out chip shop in the local town and I get it once a week, it is so bad for me, but I genuinely love it ;_; and if I gave that up i'd have nothing else I would enjoy. I gave up my fizzies, my chocolate, and most crisps, even white bread, but not this! :C