A Dream Room

deeharley Posts: 1,208 Member
My 15-year-old son, a guitar player, is describing to me a room he'd like to see our house have. It includes large speakers, stands for his guitars, my keyboard, and a poster of him and his guitar. A Sound Room.

My own dream room is off the kitchen, like the old "keeping rooms," a room with a fireplace, a daybed and maybe some coat storage. Mostly a cozy room where I could get away from the mainstream of the house but still keep an eye on dinner.

What would be your dream room?


  • cinditree
    cinditree Posts: 35 Member
    Aa arts and crafts room, with benches and storage for all my various crafts, so I don't have to mess up the house and can keep projects out that I am still working on.
  • BeautyFromPain
    BeautyFromPain Posts: 4,952 Member
    A room with a barre and speakers and enough room for me to dance!
  • mommared53
    mommared53 Posts: 9,543 Member
    A larger master bedroom with a big walk in closet and a larger roomier master bathroom..
  • i_love_vinegar
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    Awww...that would be such a cool room for your son >.< Maybe you could figure something out :D

    I really like how your room sounds~

    Mine is similar in that it is cozy with a large fireplace. I want a very tall, rustic library with large glass windows, a large stone fireplace, and mahogany tables :D I dont really read except for comics, language, sheet music, and business books (for classes) though...so I would have half the books be The Secret or the book I am currently working on if I can get it published :D:D:D It would have those giant book cases where you need one of those ladder things to reach them~and I would sit there and drink tea, and pretend I live in the 1800's (which is a dream of mine) :D

    I also plan on having a custom-made GIANT walk-in aviary. It would be visible from the outside so the birds could see outside, but it would be walk-in from the inside of the house~I would house 100's of beautiful birds~This one might take a while, but I think it will be amazing >_<