iPhone 4 vs. 4s

Anyone have the iphone 4 and then get the new one? if so, what are the benefits of the 4s? I am going to get an iphone but planned to get the regular 4 because it's cheaper. I am familiar with apple products and even the iphone so I'm not worried about not being able to use it.

Do you think it's worth the extra money for the 4s? Why or why not?


  • JennC831
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    I don't have an 4s, but I think some of the new features I've seen on commercials are cool.. I have the IPhone 4 and I love it.... So either way you'll end up with a great phone.. Definitely invest in a otter box of some kind.. You don’t' want to take the chance of dropping this phone..
  • eddyca
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    I would go with the 4 because it's cheaper and still amazing! You can still upgrade to ios5, you just won't get Siri.
    Plus no one will know the difference since the 4 and 4S are identical. Save your money for the case you will need. I've already dropped my phone a couple times and I was glad the case absorbed the impact.
    Also... the white one is sexy :)
  • i know all about the cases. the otter box is ugly so i won't be getting one. haha. I worked at best buy when the iphone 4 came out and know all about it. I've seen shattered screens and everything you can think of.

    how do you download ios5?
  • eddyca
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    Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone via USB. There will be an option to update when you click the iphone icon under Devices:

    Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 1.14 by duchess_of_candied_apples, on Flickr
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    i like Droids better but you should definitely get the 4S. just like with Siri who knows what they will introduce in the future that won't work on the 4.
  • If you can handle the wait then you should just wait for the 5. It's coming in 6-8 months. The 4s was just a quick push to hold people off until the 5.
  • Can't wait. LOL. I only care about aesthetics really. It can browse the internet, sync with my computer, and do all that I need it to...I think! (that's what I'm trying to figure out actually...what else the 4s can do)

    So unless there is something AMAZING coming then i don't think waiting for the 5 is worth it. Plus it will cost a fortune.
  • BigH80
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    I have the Iphone 4. I couldnt see enough of a difference between the two phones to justify the price difference. I've had every Iphone except the 3gs and now the 4s. unless talking to your phone and controlling it with your voice is that important to you i say just go with the 4. The main differences that i can think of between the 4 and the 4s are the camera is upgraded and shoots hd video on the 4s, the 4s has siri, and i believe it had dual processors and its supposed to be faster. Im not sure how much faster though. The 4 is fine for me as i usually am on WI-FI or 3g and it browses pretty fast and strams netfilx and you tube videos without any problem.
  • i have had all the iPhones so far apart from the 4s

    all i can say is OMG I WANT SIRI :)
  • anna_b1
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    I've got the iPhone 4 and absolutely love it. Last week, I went in to my provider and asked if it was worth upgrading. They basically told me it wasn't. I've now downloaded the upgrade and still love my phone!

    I'm over the moon happy with my 4 though. I had a droid for a year and it was OK, but nothing like this phone. Like someone else said, I've had every iphone (except for the 3gs and now the 4s) and I've never been disappointed.

    So, if money is tight, I'd go for the iphone 4. Either way, the phone is awesome!

    ETA - I've also got the OtterBox. I know it's not pretty, but if you drop your phone as much as I do it really is the way to go!!!
  • 4 to 4s i would say not worth it but if you have anything less than a 4 i would say 4S :)
  • Thanks for all the replies. For 100 bucks I also get 16 gb vs 8gb on the 4. So I'm going 4s :)
  • BigH80
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    That sounds like a good deal then in your case. My recommendation was all tings being equal between the 4 and 4s. but double the capacity and newest technology for $100, you cant go wrong.
  • AndrewTub
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    I'd go 4S as I haven't really seen much of a price difference between that and the 4. I was hoping to as I wanted to bag a cheap 4 !

    4S Faster, better camera etc. And everyone will always ask "is that a 4 or 4S ?" haha !
  • Lauren8239
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    I'm getting the 4S on Friday. Right now I have the 3G. Dinosaur, lol. Apparently the 4S is 7 times faster than the 4, so for me it's going to be like going from the stone age to the space age, lol.
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    I'm getting the 4S on Friday. Right now I have the 3G. Dinosaur, lol. Apparently the 4S is 7 times faster than the 4, so for me it's going to be like going from the stone age to the space age, lol.

    I have the 3G too. And the screen is all cracked with little prices missing, and it's slow as hell. (which led to the cracking since I have no self control and throw it everywhere) I'm so excited to get a new one. But something came up, and now we are broke! So we have to wait to get one.gotta buy those pesky kids diapers first.
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  • Lauren8239
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    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went from the 3G to the 4S.....and it's awesome. They are sold out everywhere, but I did get my hands on 2 (one for me, one for my daughter) at our Bell store. They only had the 64GB - and only a few, so I grabbed them. I rarely use my comp at home now, because everything is done on my phone. haven't tried Siri yet. I'm still in awe of the speed. :love: