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Need Nutritrional INFO help please.


I received coupons to a favourite fast food restaurant. I am doing low carb and want to figure out how much a burger is for carbs (ie: how much filler) without the bun. Any thoughts? Thanks.


  • ♥_Ellybean_♥
    ♥_Ellybean_♥ Posts: 1,646 Member
    Try going to Wendy's website and doing a custom burger without the bun... it should be equivalent
  • CoachSid
    try an app called restaurant nutrition and you can usually find some restaurant very close to the one you're going to. It lists all menu items from many, many restaurants
  • lawtechie
    lawtechie Posts: 708 Member
    It's really hard to say, because I look at their Teen Burger versus double Teen burger and it lists same amount of carbs. How can it be same carbs if you're adding another burger, unless the burger has no carbs.
  • decooper
    decooper Posts: 57 Member
    You could trying looking on line for a nutrition guide. Alot of popular resturants have them online.
    To back out the bun, maybe you can ask or read how many ounces the burger will be. And then look up the value on MFP without the bun. Hope this helps.
  • Supermel
    Supermel Posts: 612 Member
    The link i posted was their Nutrional information. Maybe I will call. Just wondered if anyone had specfic information.