How would you log this....

I have a desk job M-F, however 3-4 nights a week I cocktail waitress or bartned for 3 1/2-5 hours. I don't really know how to log this, I current have my setting listed as sedentary since I do sit down all day at my regular job. Sometimes it is slow when I waitress or sometimes its really busy. How would you log this? This past week I have only been adding walking at a slow pace and just adding say 120 minutes or 180 depending on how long my shift is that night... can get so confusing! Thanks in advance!


  • hausofnichele
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    I think it's always better to underestimate when it comes to exercise. I would log the same way if I were you.
  • I would get a pedometer and where it at work when you are bartending or waitressing and log it that way
  • JennaM222
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    waitressing is in the system for cardio - I log 2 hours 320 cals ( 160 an hour ) becasue I dont want to give myself tooo much credit for it
  • laughingnome
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    I agree with Melanie, get a pedometer, you would be surprised how many steps you take a day.
  • I personally wouldn't log it. I would count it as a bonus :]
  • bizco
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    Do a comparison. Set your activity level to sedentary and see how many calories MFP suggests. Then change your activity level to light active (bartending/waitress) and see how many calories MFP suggests. Customize your calories to number somewhere in between, like the average of the two.

    Edit: Then don't log any exercise for your part-time job, just log dedicated exercise.

    To customize your goals go to My Home>>Goals>>Change Goals>>Custom. Overtype the number of calories and adjust anything else you like. Save your changes.

    I recommend increasing your protein to 20-30% of total calories. MFP's default is way too low and it's geared toward totally sedentary lifestyles. Increase your fiber to at least 25g, lower your sodium to 1800-2100mg.