Longer Pants or did I shrink?

I had a great NSV today! My dress pants were too long! I had to wear a pair of heals - or they would have dragged on the ground!


  • Elisirmon
    Elisirmon Posts: 273 Member
    I think it is because you lost weight around your hips and but so they hang lower not really longer. Good Work!
  • KeepItOff4Life
    LOL, that happened to me too recently. I really thought I had shrunk at first...so sad.

    Good job!
  • Rae6503
    Rae6503 Posts: 6,294 Member
    Smaller butt = longer pants.
  • aochoa123
    aochoa123 Posts: 299 Member
    Yes I can remember too that as I lost the weight my pants "became" longer. Wonderful NSV for you. Congrats
  • RBXChas
    RBXChas Posts: 2,708 Member
    Be sure not to lose those pants!!!
  • Live_On
    Sounds like weight lost to me. :)

    I have the same issue when I lose weight.
  • ydeleon
    That's awesome! The same thing happens to me. Keep that momentum going.
  • rileamoyer
    rileamoyer Posts: 2,411 Member
    When you loose in hips and thighs, the fabric drops since it isn't being used width wise:flowerforyou:
  • Leslye125
    Leslye125 Posts: 242 Member
    That is definately an nsv... I had/have the same issue. I am finally COMFORTABLY in a couple dress slacks that used to be too tight and I had to wear flats with. This past week, I can wear them and I had to wear them with heals. Its loosing weight/inches from tummy/hips and thighs. Fabric isn't being stretched around the mass! :laugh: Awesome job! :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • mistresseeyore
    mistresseeyore Posts: 717 Member
    That is an awesome NSV!
  • radfordgal05
    Yay, you go girl, and heels equal better posture and one hot momma!!!
  • cbbarge
    cbbarge Posts: 250 Member
    One of my absolute favorite NSVs. I'm so tall that I usually don't worry about them being too long though. I get happy because they are finally long enough and I don't look like I'm wearing flood pants!
  • MidwestGirlz
    MidwestGirlz Posts: 78 Member
    THANKS EVERYONE for the encouragement!!! You are all amazing!!!
  • getfitnfab
    getfitnfab Posts: 418 Member
    Had the same things happen!!! Weight loss baby!!!!

  • Hoppymom
    Hoppymom Posts: 1,158 Member
    Fun times! I love when this happens!:happy: :flowerforyou:
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