Turbo Fire.. Thinking about purchasing it.. Any Advice?

I've read a lot of good things about Turbo Fire and I think I'm going to give it try!!! I did Turbo jam a few years ago, so I'm hoping this will help me in my weight loss... I feel that because there's a schedule and it switches it up the routine I won't get bored with doing it everyday...

I do however have a question: When doing this work out program do you ONLY do this program or can I mix in additional things such as running, or even weight lifting on my own?

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

**Before anyone suggest that I do a search for TF, please know that I already have.. Which is why I've come to my conclusion of giving it a try.. :wink:


  • fridayjustleft04
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    It's awesome! I love it. As far as doing other stuff with it, I'm doing it as a hybrid with ChaLEAN Extreme, so yes, you can add your own strength in with it if you like (or anything else for that matter). It's primarily cardio, but it does have a couple of ab routines as well as sculpt and toning (with resistance bands), so it's pretty all-inclusive. If you're going to add anything, the best bet would be strength. As far as tips go, I don't really have any except to just buy it. You will see results and you'll feel your endurance improve. It's fun and effective..like Turbo Jam x10.
  • Katefab26
    Get it!!!! I absolutely love it and Chalene Johnson is a goddess. You can definitely throw in different workouts. I feel like I don't get strength training with that workout, so I go to my gym to do that. I also have a 5K to run in May, so I have to do running as well.
  • vmrink
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    I cannot say enough good things about Turbo Fire. I'm two weeks from finishing the Advanced DVDs and I'm down 50lbs. I followed the schedule exactly, however I didn't take a day off like it suggested, I just inserted an extra class of my choosing. Instead, I'd go strong for weeks at a time and then take a week off. Almost like the P90X schedule. I'm now going to get ChaLean Extreme and do the hybrid of TurboFire and ChaLean Extreme. That will give me my strength training along with cardio.

    Wear comfortable shoes. Use the "break down" version if you feel overwhelmed at first. And most importantly, Don't Give Up!! The classes get better and the HIIT workouts are no joke!!
  • bluegirl10
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    I love Turbo Fire, but for me I get bored if I don't add variety to my workouts... So that being said I use all different workouts, such as Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, Zumba, etc...