Does Anyone Ever NOT go over their Sugar goal?

Just curious....if so, I'd really like to see your food bothers me that no matter what I eat, I still go over in the sugar dept......



  • hyde1977
    hyde1977 Posts: 476 Member
    I always go over Sugar!!!! Look at where your sugar is coming from! As long as it is from good choice you should be okay! If it is coming from a lot of processed food then you need to reduce. but if I choose fruit over a chocolate bar I am okay with that!
  • KaleidoscopeEyes1056
    KaleidoscopeEyes1056 Posts: 2,996 Member
    I didn't today and I got to have a chocolate chip cookie! :)
  • lazatin
    lazatin Posts: 452 Member
    I took mine off so i dont have to look at that number all the time!
  • merrick7871
    merrick7871 Posts: 161 Member
    I am always over on sugar!
  • AprilVal
    AprilVal Posts: 940 Member
    I have days when I do and days when I dont.. Sugar and Sodium are my set backs most days.. But learning to not let them defeat me.
  • Sooznine
    Sooznine Posts: 29 Member
    I ALWAYS go over in sugar. I quit worrying about it. I like sweet stuff. that's me and i will never change. :)
  • poustotah
    poustotah Posts: 1,121 Member
    I'm never over on my sugar when I'm trying to lean out. I'm not quite there yet (just had a baby) so I'm usually over with my fruit. Once I get to the weight I want, then I'll start cutting.
  • meex
    meex Posts: 135 Member
    i ate 2 apples in one day and almost doubled my sugar from that alone! Don't worry too much about it
  • nsblue
    nsblue Posts: 331 Member
    i dont..yer welcome to look
  • LeonaB17
    LeonaB17 Posts: 304
    Most of the time I'm under - but sometimes I go over. I'm very sugar/carb-conscious bc of my insulin resistance. I try my best - but Im not perfect and I do mess up and sugar/carb load every now and then!
  • Kickinkim418
    Kickinkim418 Posts: 257 Member
    My sugar goal is 28. If I eat fruit, I go over my sugar's RIDONKULOUS...I'm trying to try really hard NOT to go over this goal. This morning I had 1 slice of Orowheat Whole Grain bread -that was 3 for sugar. I had a teaspoon of mustard...there went 1 more sugar. I use 1 % milk...that has sugar...everything has sugar....RIDONKULOUS!
  • TrishaLeighNelson
    TrishaLeighNelson Posts: 258 Member
    There are only a few days where ive went over. Those are the days I have fruits or the days I have a sweet
  • imafatloser
    I worried a lot about sugar at first, but find it almost impossible not to go over if I eat ANY fruit or yogurt. The USDA recommendation is 32 grams of ADDED sugar a day, for a 2000 calorie diet. I don't worry about sugar that naturally occurs in foods...but that's just my humble opinion. I found that the following article explains it well. :)