White mint chocolate chips with christmas nonpareils?

Does anyone have any idea how many calories are in one of these?



  • kelley_lynn
    kelley_lynn Posts: 133 Member
    dam they look, pity they dont get delivered to oz
  • Tonnina
    Tonnina Posts: 979 Member
    It's probably like sno-caps... But white chocolate is usually more calories than milk chocolate...
  • These look exactly like the ones you can buy in bulk from Central Market, only bigger. I had to do a bit of math to get here, but my estimate comes out to about 16 calories per piece. (The mini ones from Central Market are 210 calories for 62 pieces (40 grams). I'm happy to show my math if you want to double check me!)

    Hope that helps!
  • This really helps! Thank you so much! :) Now to stop eating them...