Trying to get more protein without using supplements

I very rarely meet my protein goals - I try to eat at least 60g a day but would really like to be closer to 95, any ideas on how to increase my protein without using protein powders? My diary is open.

I know that under normal circumstances a person doesn't need so much protein, but I feel that while trying to lose weight and retain as much muscle as possible, it makes sense to increase my protein. Once I meet my goals I will probably go back to my old ways of eating around 40g a day.


  • Sidesteal
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    Greek yogurt

    Eat animals basically.
  • Everything posted above, plus nuts and beans. Both have a lot of protein.
  • havalinaaa
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    I typically eat at least two of those options a day! And some days I'm barely eating 50 grams of protein! On non-active days I only have 1350 calories to work with and it just doesn't seem possible to get it all in. Today I had 2 eggs, a chicken breast, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and cheese and I'm still only getting 80 grams.

    Honestly, eating large amounts of meat doesn't sit well with my stomach, I usually only have one meal with meat a day. I'm trying to work on that, but the I spend a little too much time in the bathroom. TMI perhaps, but it is what it is.

    I do appreciate the advice, I just don't know how to work more of those foods into my day.
  • 100gm protein = 400 cal-- not really a calorie problem

    An extra 20-30 grams without increasing meat/fish/eggs seems tough, might be some kind of protein shake is actually what you need. Doesn't have to be whey protein. There are all sorts of veg protein powders out there too.
  • chrisdavey
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    and dairy.

    cottage cheese, milk etc.
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    Bean. Chili.
  • kikkipoo
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    Greek yogurt hands down. A good quality plain fat free Greek yogurt boast a whopping 23 grams and tastes like cheesecake if you add some lemon juice, vanilla extract and Splenda! Give it a shot!
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    eat larger portions of what you're eating or if meat doesn't sit well, try more fish. i rarely use protein supps to hit my protein goals, it's more for flavoring things nowadays. you can look through my diary, but i tend to eat relatively large portions of things
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    Seafood is my favorite way to get my protein up. A 6 oz portion of salmon is about 30g protein & Sam's Club sells them frozen & inidividually packaged. Love them for a quick & protein-loaded lunch. Shrimp cocktail is a favorite of mine too, a 4oz portion of shrimp has 20-ish g of protein & I'll eat it with some ghetto cocktail sauce (ketchup & a blob of horseradish. :laugh: ).

    I often snack on things like edamame, hard boiled egg whites, string cheese & turkey pepperoni. Of course Greek yogurt, as others have mentioned. A glass of skim milk has 8g.
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    Also, if one of the issues is your calorie cap, you could shift some calories from training days to rest days to make things a bit more even.

    I would first try larger portions of fish/poultry if you can handle it. You can eat buttloads of tilapia or shrimp for example.
  • BackwoodsMom
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    Add chia seeds to yogurt.
  • Ali_TSO
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    I would have to say if you don't like meat:
    greek yogurt has tons!

    I get most of my protein from:
    peanut butter
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    Meat doesnt sit well with me either! I tend to get my protein from eggs, yogurt, almonds, chicken and edamame.
  • AmandaR321
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    I get mine from cheese and turkey.
  • havalinaaa
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I will start upping my meat portion and work on shifting calories around from workout days to off days. I'm also thinking I need to start eating quinoa again, I used to eat it all the time but ran out a while back and haven't restocked. I will try to switch to greek yogurt again, but I honestly don't like it as much as my sheep's yogurt and usually can't stand it after 2 or 3 days. Maybe I'll try just rotating with the sheep yogurt and see if that helps. I have a TON of edamame sitting in my freezer that I always forget about, I'll start adding some in to dinner and snacks.
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    Hemp Hearts! Add 3tbsp to your smoothie, salad or yogurt.

    10g protein
    8g Omega 6
    2.5g Omega 3
    3g Fiber
    30% iron