Polar FT4-How to wash the chest strap?

Stupid Question, I know...do all of you wash it by hand or throw it in with a load of clothes or what? If so, warm water, cold water? Thanks!


  • mallorybriann
    mallorybriann Posts: 1,380 Member
    I would hand wash or gentle cycle in cold.
    Which reminds me.... I have NEVER washed it. EWWWWWWWWWW
    I am so gross.
  • Sherie13
    Sherie13 Posts: 250 Member
    I rinse mine off every time I use it and then about once a week, I hand wash it in the sink with laundry detergent (warm water, not hot) and hang it to dry.
  • Kickinkim418
    Kickinkim418 Posts: 257 Member
    Thank you!!!
  • beesareyellow
    beesareyellow Posts: 335 Member
    I rinse it off in the sink, and once in the while use a tiny bit of soap, always by hand.
  • pixlamarque
    pixlamarque Posts: 312 Member
    I rinse it well after use and hang to dry. When I wash it, I just threw it in with a load of clothes, warm water, detergent. Haven't had a problem so far.
  • DopeItUp
    DopeItUp Posts: 18,771 Member
    I just put mine through the wash with all the rest of my clothes. I do it once a week because it STINKS.
  • igora_soma
    I wash mine with my clothes on cold and then let it air dry. It seems to work!
  • sophjakesmom
    sophjakesmom Posts: 904 Member
    I usually take it in the shower with me once a week and wash it with body wash. (When I remember, I should say.)
  • TheCats_Meow
    TheCats_Meow Posts: 438 Member
    I take mine in the shower with me every time I use it.

    Just rinse the sensor part with water, and the elastic band with mild soap & water.
  • amygon1
    amygon1 Posts: 1
    :flowerforyou: I'm going with the hand washing or bringing it in the shower method...seems the least damage if any would result