Has anyone used Y Personal Fitness at the YMCA?

I'm starting my free 12 week thing and have my first meeting with my 'coach' on Tuesday and am wondering what I should expect. Would it be smart to bring a food log? I'm definitely bringing my exercise log. What sort of questions should I expect him to ask and what should I be asking him? I want to get the most out of this program since I likely won't be able to afford a personal trainer after the free time is over.


  • dsjohndrow
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    I have. They also had a cool In it To Lose It class that was cheap with one of the same trainers. Food logs are good, but they will focus on the exercise.
  • tageekly
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    I just finished the 12 Week Program at the Y and can share my experience. My first appointment was very basic - we discussed why I was there and what my goals and motivation were. My coach took baseline measurements - weight, body fat, etc. and then did an introduction to the club and the machines so I would know how to use them and set the options. Be prepared to workout but they shouldn't overwhelm you with everything at once.

    My first few weeks were focused on getting started with using the cardio machines and committing to a schedule. Then after my second meeting with the coach they incorporated weight machines or free weights, and did a baseline strength test. The third meeting with the coach we discussed food and any changes to my cardio and weights schedule. The final meeting was a couple weeks ago and they did final measurements and talked about what my next goals should be.

    It's overall very basic but they're available to you all along for questions or additional instruction. It was a really great introduction to the facilities and getting committed to goals and seeing the results. Good luck to you!
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    Thanks a lot for the responses, it's good to hear what they will focus on at each meeting.