Strength training without a gym

I need to start strength training, I know that. I want to loose about 10 lbs, but I am horribly flabby. The problem is, I really can't do gyms. I can never maintain them. I have a toddler and finding a couple hours to go is very hard. The actual working out isn't the problem, it is the travel time, changing, showering, etc. on top of the working out.

I have a good elliptical at home that I can use for cardio, and I dance 3.5 hours a week, but I am clueless when it comes to weights. We have some dumbbells and reistance bands, but no machine and no bench. I want to start lifting, but have no idea where to start!!! Any tips? We don't have room for a bench at the moment, but that may change once we reorganize and get rid of some stuff. How do you know what to do??? So many resources seem to be geared towards gym equipment.


  • manjingirl
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    just search for body weight training
  • warlocksmistress
    I would book a session with a personal trainer - 1 should be enough, and explain the situation to them. They hcan give you some exercises to do at home with the equipment you already have.
  • livindreams
    Try looking up the firm videos. They are cardio and weight training at the same time and might be a good place to start!
  • blazergrad
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    Check out this site ....

    This guy gives really good information on strength training and workout plans, from beginners all the way up to experienced lifters. He has plans on there for women, too. :) And practically all of his stuff is geared towards being able to work out at home without a lot of expensive equipment.
  • wildkatt7
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    I got a set of weights (2, 3, and 5) and I do an aerobic weight training routine wile I watch TV... it is cardio and toning at the same time... I enter half the time as aerobics on here and half as weight training... I also do belly dancing, which is a dance designed for toning... the Goddess workout is the one I do from DVD, which is amazing...
  • drog2323
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    google and youtube will be your friend.

    check out things like:

    triceps dips
    pushups (you can be on your knees)
    -then use bands for shoulder presses, curls etc.

    just google each out with what you want, and I guarantee some vids will pop up.

    good luck!
  • fisherlassie
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    I use dumb bells and my large exercise ball as a bench.
  • chrisc16
    I use Bodylastics resistance bands, and love them for resistance training. You can go to and check out some exercises to do with your bands. Good luck!
  • redheadmommy
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    I know exactly what you are experiencing as I also have a 3 yr old. Gym was out of the question, and i hurt my knees with some jumping. Some people suggested me Jillian Michael No more trouble zone DVD, and it is exactly what I needed. It is 50 minutes included warm-up and cool-down, and it is pure strength training. It is a circuit style, but not weight/ cardio as her other DVD-s, but alternating different strength training moves within a circuit.
    You only need a mat and some dumbbells. Right now I am using 5, 7 and 10 lb for different things, but the size of the weights depends on you.
    Jillian is super motivating and the workout is great. I think it is a great start if you haven;t been doing strength training for a while.
    I started 3 weeks ago, and it help me overcome a 7 weeks plateau and i already can see and feel the difference. It is a cheap DVD too.

    It may become too easy over time, and you can more on for some more advance routing like PG90X, insanity etc. I was(still am) so out of shape that those programs were out of question.
  • thecrossfitter
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    I am a huge fan of lifting, but here is some great strength training you can do with body weight:

    Steve has a video up that shows you have to do everything in a video as well, so it's super user-friendly :) I know this doesn't EXACTLY answer your question, I just don't feel qualified to offer lifting advice since I'm three months new to it, and rely heavily on my coaches EVERY TIME I lift.
  • kayleeblue
    Google Dustin Maher..Fit Moms For Life..great weight training video. Also works on core and cardio.. All you need is a few weights from 5 - 20 pounds to start and a stayball.
    Good Luck!
  • Scorpioangel
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    P90X for sure!
  • pinkita
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    Target sells kettlebell kits that come with a kettlebell and instructional DVDs. I love them. A lot of people on MFP also like Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I can't stand Jillian so I never tried that one, but I've seen people post great results from it :)
  • TaraMKL
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    I actually just quit my gym membership last month and have been doing P90X at home. All I have are a few dumbbells, a resistance band and a pullup bar. I got them all at Ross/TJ Maxx for cheap!! Plus, pushups and tricep dips are free. :)
  • woou
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    Power 90 here. Love it. :)
  • klynnwalker4
    I personally LOOOOVE Chalean Extreme for weight training. The workouts are shorter than P90X (I just don't have time with a toddler to do hour long workouts) and I just love Chalene Johnson.