logging meals where you don't eat one part of recipe

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I don't eat meat...I will eat the rest of the recipe...ie chicken pot pie but I won't eat the chicken part of the meal...pick it out...I am always at a loss as to how to log the food as the meat was cooked with the recipe so some of the chicken juices etc are part of the meal...or at a restuarant I will order a pasta dish etc without the chicken or shrimp etc.


  • Alexdur85
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    If it's a homemade recipe you could just delete that portion off your recipe list. I can't imagine the ":juices" from the meat to account for many calories especially since it's mainly water anyway. As for eating out I would just log the food as is. I don't know how you can get around that.
  • lawtechie
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    3 oz of chicken is about 90-100 calories. I don't eat shrimp so no ide about the calories there, but just subtract it out of the recipe you have made, or keep it in your own mind and use those calories for something else and don't log it.
  • Faintgreeneyes
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    For when I eat out (because I don't eat much meat either) I will still log the food as is. That way I know if I happen to go a little over on my cals, it kind of evens itself out. And if not, then its a nice little bit of a cushion, as this couting cals is not an exact science.

    For meals that I make at home- I put what I use for ingredients into a tool that will give me cals per serving, which makes things easier.
  • CMmrsfloyd
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    If you want to be as accurate as possible, you can estimate about how much meat you didn't eat (for example take the parts you picked out and weigh them on a kitchen scale) you can 'quick add calories' and enter a negative number rather than a positive one. So if you picked 3 oz of chicken out of the pot pie, you can enter the pot pie and then 'quick add calories' and enter '-100' in that meal where you ate the pot pie. I just tested it out and it works correctly with the negative number.