Weekly Mile Challenge starting 11/28

Happy Monday! I would like to invite any and all who may want to join to my weekly mile challenge group, where each week we each sign up to challenge ourselves to a goal of 15, 25, 35, or 45 miles completed over the course of seven days, in whatever fitness manner you prefer. Check out the link for this week's challenge and see if this might be just what you need to keep moving through the looming holiday season. New participants are welcome at any point, just let me know how many miles you have tracked and I'll add you to the list!

Have a wonderful day, and happy miles to everyone :)


  • I'd love to join!! I ran 5 miles this morning, but I usually don't. Maybe I'll try for 25 miles this week. Good luck! :)
  • ill love to join i walked 4miles this morning
  • Im back group B please :)
  • Group B - Logging 9.1 Miles for Tuesday 29th November! Thanks
  • PlunderBunneh
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    Make sure that you click the link on the OP to get to this week's thread! We were asked to move our challenge thread to the group function, so I'm keeping track over there :)