Hi, New, Obviously :)

So it's my senior year in high school and in preparation of college I thought I'd reinvent myself. I've always been overweight and figured I might as well start now so I can tackle that impending freshman 15 head on. I recently started to work out with a group of friends who are doing the same and I figured I could use all the help I could get. My goal is to get down to single digits in dress size in time for graduation. I'm currently a size 16.


  • :flowerforyou: good for you, meeting it head on! I gained that freshman 15 many years ago, plus many more as the years went on. Just now getting around to trying to eliminate the extra baggage. friend me if you like. have lost 26 since July. Many more to go, could use some positive friends.
  • You can do it. There is a lot of great support here. Keep logging in and documenting your calories an exercise. Don't deprive yourself just watch the portion size. Its really not that hard. Stay positive.
  • Good Luck ReadyARambling! You can do it. There is plenty of helpful people on here for support and information.