Protein Hacks



  • camillehardeman
    (in response to the "vegetarians should be smarter" post)
    You know, you can disagree with someone without sounding like a total jerk, if you try.

    Nobody said anything about "1000 grams of protein" so I am going to assume you mean 100. I feel best, physically, on a high protein diet rather than high carbs/high fat, though, I do consume plenty of those as well. Have you ever thought, hmm, maybe some people ENJOY protein? Or have maybe looked into it enough and tried different protein levels, to find out what works for this indvidual.

    Or hey, maybe I should just listen to some 18 year old tell me that I'm eating too much protein.
  • ondogirl
    ondogirl Posts: 76 Member
    I eat a lot of chicken. I cook them whole...more flavorful that way. It really fills me up too. I eat a lot of sardines and tuna too...

    Also I love Isopure zero carb whey isolate in vanilla.
  • LeelaLosing
    LeelaLosing Posts: 237 Member
    i mix in Fage nonfat Greek yogurt into lots of things (my protein powder with fruit and some almond milk), but also use some with light salad dressing to make it creamy and boost protein

    shrimp salad with egg whites and some garlic mayo/greek yogurt combo

    lean ground beef bolognaise full of meat over 1 oz of quinoa pasta (for fiber and some more protein)

    (dlluted) miso soup with shrimp, spinach and green onions and mushrooms

    baked egg cupcakes with lean turkey and veggies

    i just keep experimenting so i don't get bored!