New motivation-join the CAF?

I am currently a 3rd year nursing student in Canada, and have wanted to do medivac nursing, perioperative, or trauma nursing and it was recently brought to my attention that the Canadian armed forces gives me all those opportunities as well as job training for the specialties. I also have a great interest in teaching and travel, and those are also opportunities provided to me.
That being said, I have been overweight for most of my life (since i was 15, stopped all sports and gained weight) and am now 21 and battling my weight. I lost 80 pounds in high school, only to gain most back first year of university, and now am trying to juggle work, school and fitness. I am wondering if anyone has gone through basic training and has any advice/tips on physical requirements and also I am looking to lift heavy in the coming week and was wondering if anyone had a basic starter plan for lifting heavy for women?

For analysis sake, im 21, 5'6 and 190 pounds