I am new! Its not gonna be easy but wish me luck!

My brillant roomy introduced me to this site. 2 years ago I went on Weight watchers and lost 76 pounds. This last summer I quit smoking and gained back 20lb and it has really been hard on me emotionally. My whole life I was a big girl so 2 years ago when I became a petite woman it changed my whole life. I never thought it was possible so I was blown away by it happening. Now knowing it is possible but not able to achieve it is really deppressing me. But I am on here daring to try something new. I just want to loose this 20 pounds I gained and without starting to smoke again. So here I am ready to learn this site and fight to become my better self. Wish me luck!


  • JoolieW68
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    Welcome and good luck.

    And if that profile pic is you, you are far from being a 'big' girl ;)
  • CiciPorcayo
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    Good Luck! :)
  • roberts1013
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  • TourThePast
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    Good for you!

    And you don't need luck, you need determination and commitment. You have just given up smoking so you KNOW you have those, in comparison this will be easy. :bigsmile:
  • iwillsoonbeslim
    It'll be easier than you think ;-)
  • RomonaDenise
    You've come to the right site, take it one day at a time and you will see the pounds fall off, enjoy it and make it fun!
  • savage22hp
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    You have come to the right place to get the support you need and stay motivated toward your goals . Log your foods and exercise religiously ( even when it's not pretty ) , get some supportive people as friends on this site to cheer for you on the " good" days and encourage you on the " bad" days , and treat each day as an opportunity to set the standard for your personal best . Welcome !
  • TinaBoo1981
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    Thanks everyone I really super appreciate it
  • tracihalpin
    Quitting smoking is an amazing accomplishment!!!
  • locuana
    hi guys! I am new too and today i even started the gym again! I must admit it wasnt easy and soo boring! i found ive had more motivation in the past to loose weight but this time i dont seem to find a good reason to stop me from eating some rubish food.
    Hope you are all doing well, well done for all the weight you guys have lost! is inspiring! I want to loose at least 5 kgs in the first 3 months or so, then maybe 8kgs
    support is much appreciatted! xox
  • rc2nd
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    you can do it!
  • samanthaNT
    Very nice job on quitting smoking! You can lose that 20 pounds!