What are your New Year’s Resolutions

I know that losing weight and getting healthy is a life style change, but with that said I'm still going set some goals for myself that I want to work on in 2012...

1. I want to reach my 1st goal weight of 150 (currently 168.2)
2. I want to lift more (I'm buying the book New Rules Of Lifting For Women)
3. I want to continue running and working on my endurance (I can currently run 3 miles straight, I'd like to one day get up to 5-6 miles)

What are you new year's resolutions?


  • beccadaniixox
    beccadaniixox Posts: 542 Member
    Mine is toning up.
    I finally found a weight I'm happy with, now I just gotta tone my body to look cuter with less clothes on, haha.
  • robinogue
    robinogue Posts: 1,117 Member
    I've reached my weight goal, 2012 I will start toning up my body....
  • pftjill
    pftjill Posts: 488
    prioritize better would probably be my best goal. Start a daily to do list!!
  • CherryIceGlitter
    1.) To see my friends more often
    2.) Calm myself down.. I always seem to be doing something I want to take time out to relax and think
    3.) Start boxing again
  • Katbaran
    Katbaran Posts: 605 Member
    I'm getting my second knee replacement in Feb. My resolution is to lose a bit more weight before it and then continue to lose after.
    I want to hit the exercise harder after my recovery and tone up! All my fat is loose. Not pretty.
  • Angel87a
    Angel87a Posts: 113
    1. Reach another mini goal with weight loss
    2. Be more social & out going
    3. Wear more color
    4. Be more optimistic

  • queenpushycat
    queenpushycat Posts: 761 Member
    1) Lose 38 lbs
    2) Dance more
    3) Study hard
    4) Save money like there's no tomorrow.
  • ojell
    ojell Posts: 749 Member
    1) Lose 30 lbs
    2) Get tone
    3) Put more effort into my appearance ( take better care of my skin, prettier makeup and hair, dress nicer, maybe even wear heels more often)
    4) Save money so I can actually afford a nice vacation this year
    5) Live a more interesting and happy/fulfilling little life. :)

    5 year goal - Finish a degree already! Ugh! I still need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up though. LoL
  • ojell
    ojell Posts: 749 Member
    1. Reach another mini goal with weight loss
    2. Be more social & out going
    3. Wear more color
    4. Be more optimistic


    Sounds a bit like me. ;)
  • lougru
    lougru Posts: 55
    1 - Pay off my uni fees!
    2 - complete my first year of my MB (im aiming for a distinction!)
    3 - Be happier and not get stressed.
    4 - Learn how to play the acoustic guitar my fella is buying me for Christmas :)
    5 - Continue with the weightloss and maintenance
  • Nikki582
    Nikki582 Posts: 561 Member
    1. Run 10k
    2. Do one pull up (probably more, but one would be AMAZING)
    3. Buy New Rules Of Lifting - and lift.
  • mmk137
    mmk137 Posts: 833 Member
    no resolutions, but loads of goals.

    1. get to 65kg
    2. run a 5km race in under 26 mins
    3. swim and ocean race (1km) in under 25 mins
    4. complete clx/tf hybird
    5. pay off my uni fees
    6. earn xxx amount in my photography biz
    7. read 24 books with my eyes (audio books do not count)
    8. get a garden shed
    9. landscape my garden
    10. invest in an iphone (paying cash).

    I have laods more and I will do them all, as I've reversed engineered all of my goals, and I know exactly how to get there and which goal will set the domino off.
    I essentially have 2 goals. A push goal (the domino effect), and my health goal.
  • og8997889
    Mine is to finish up my weight lost goal, last new year's I made the choice to lose weight and was 283 pounds. Now I'm 210 pounds and have a visable 4 pack of abs. Just 5 more pounds before I reach the goal line. What I used was Truth about abs, I still remember the site I went to and read the first review of a weight lost program. It was http://boyels.com . Anyways I hope none of you give up on your goals and strive for success. While people sleep, we are runnning.
  • lookpretty
    lookpretty Posts: 276 Member
    Ive been trying to sort mine out, mine are not for the year but until July when my boyfriend will come back to America

    1 get out of debt (14k in with about 8 or 9 in the bank ready to pay)
    2 Get down to 125 (currently 150)
    3 get 20 inch circumference thighs (currently 23 4/8)
    4 waist to 28 inches (currently 31 4/8)
    5 hips 30 inches (currnelt 35 inches)