Just hit 2,400 miles of running for the year!

arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
After spending all of 2010 and some 2009 battling injuries and running slow, I'm very happy to be running well right now.


  • dude, that's in fkucking credible..........nice job.
  • feisma
    feisma Posts: 213 Member
    AMAZING!!! I am feeling inspired to set a mileage goal for myself for 2012....Might get me motivated to really start hitting those early a.m. runs again. Thanks for being such a great role model for all of the rest of us runners :happy:
  • savlyon
    savlyon Posts: 474 Member
    What is your weekly average?
  • IronmanPanda
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  • FrenchMob
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    That crazy! Good job. Makes my 700 miles kind of pale in comparison. :laugh:
  • rachel5576
    rachel5576 Posts: 429 Member
    You are beyond amazing!
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    Thanks all!

    My weeks are usually in the 45 - 55 range. Some weeks are 65, some weeks are 40 - it just sort of depends what I'm up to.
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
    Wow, truly an inspiration Arc! Wtg! I'm happy for you!
  • rybo
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    That's a lot of miles. I can't even imagine putting in than many miles.
  • thcri
    thcri Posts: 459 Member
    That my friend is awesome. Way to Go

    My knees hurt just thinking about it.
  • sjtreely
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    ****Bowing down***

    That's beyond impressive. It's daaaaaang impressive!
  • Scott613
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    I didn't even drive 2400 miles this year. Props to you man that's impressive.
  • jlewis2896
    jlewis2896 Posts: 763 Member
    Wow, fantastic!!

    I'm hoping to hit a measly 900 before the end of the year -- your numbers are inspirational and glad to hear that you are injury free!!
    OLFATUG Posts: 393 Member
    Well done! I am on track to get exactly HALF of that this year. :)
  • deadstarsunburn
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  • Great accomplishment arc! Very impressive!
  • Cooriander
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    WOW impressive. wow.
  • katapple
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    simply amazing!!
  • atsteele
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    That's super amazing!! Congratulations!!
  • KEShikes
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    You are an inspiration! Here's to continued success in 2012!