Making a New Me

Hi everyone. I am 38 years old and gonna give the whole healthy thing a try.
2 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Within 5 months after that I was walking a mile a day and keeping track of my sugar. And I lost 30 pounds! I felt GREAT.
Then we moved to the country and the roads are full of holes, uneven and not fit to walk a mile on. While I have not gained the weight back, I have stopped keeping close track on my sugar (though my A1C is still 6.0) I have not been watching what I eat nor exercising regularly so I have been bouncing back and forth 10 pounds.
I am making a commitment to myself as of today to take better care of myself. (A little hard at the moment just getting over the flu.) I did 20minutes on the stationary bike, very very slowly but I did it! Now I just wanna go take a nap;)