How often should you weigh yourself?

I have heard different things about weighing yourself. I know you should weigh yourself at the same time , but I have heard that you should not weigh yourself everyday. Can someone tell me how it is really supposed to work? Same time I know..but every day? once a week? WHAT?


  • erinw1011
    erinw1011 Posts: 86 Member
    Since weight fluctuates so much during the day/week, I weigh myself every Monday morning after I use the bathroom and use that as my official number.
  • zbmb30
    zbmb30 Posts: 178 Member
    I weight myself first thing every Tuesday. Sometimes I try to weigh every day, and then my parents and boyfriend get on to me for it. Your body naturally flunctuates daily, so it's best to do it once the sametime every week. When I weigh myself multiple times a week, sometimes it just ends up bringing my mood down.
  • shydaisi
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    As often as you want as long as your mood is not dependent upon the number you see.

    I weigh daily, but if I am up, I am up...I like to see my daily fluctuations. Upswings are just incentive to do better that day or more diligent about my water! If it caused me to be in a bad mood all day or to throw my diet out the window I would reduce my frequency. However, I find it keeps me motivated to see it daily!
  • only once a week, if you do it everyday you will drive yourself crazy.