Operation: Sexy Claus Week #12 12.19.11

Hello ladies! So sorry I am a few days late posting a new thread! I was at home and not in front of a computer for the past few days. How is everyone?! I know a lot of us are getting ready for the hectic Xmas time so I am not expecting a whole lot of crazy workouts lol



  • MelL1205
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    I'm failing.

    So my new goal is to maintain until January 2nd.
  • miss_amy
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    hey girls!

    i've been so bad with keeping up with all of you. sorry about that! as of right now i'm about 3lbs up from my lowest weight during the challenge. i'm focusing on getting that weight off as soon as possible! i plan on starting a round of the 17 day diet the day after christmas, so hopefully that will help jump start my weight loss again!

    hope everyone is doing better than i am! lol :)
  • As long as I can maintain until after the Holidays, I will be pretty happy......It's hard when there is so many Parties and the food in your face all the time......I keep my house pretty well safe, but we made Christmas cookies that were to die for,I had at least eight of them.....Then two parties, a bottle of wine......I skipped out on my weigh-in on Monday........I don't even crave sweets most of the time.....
  • cdngrl81
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    So I know there is 2 weeks left to 2011, but I have decided to keep logging but kind of giving myself a break to enjoy the holidays and try not to get too stressed about eating an extra sugar cookie or two. I will be back on track and better than ever starting January 1st!! And 2012 will be MY year!
  • well i didn't do so well this challenge mostly because I was sick for a lot of it...finally got my tonsils removed! On the mend but I know it won't be a smooth process. Victory today was being able to eat about 1/2 a scrambled egg before having to return to liquids only like this whole week has been. I going to use this forced diet be the kick start I need to really get things going! Ive been at a plateau for so long hopefully the quick (although not the best way) weight loss will give me a boost and help me stay super motivated reach my goal weight!
  • Krys_T
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    Good Morning ladies! Yes, I think survival through the holidays is going to be the name of the game for me as well lol. Luckily, starting tomorrow I will have a lot more time to workout because my boss is giving us a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, and then another one next weekened....then all next week I am working half days. So I come in from 1-5..which means after I drop my son off at school I can get my workouts in with no excuses! I am excited about that I am not going to lie!
  • cdngrl81
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    Today is my last day of work for the next week, so I may not be on line a lot. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!! :drinker: