Operation: Sexy Claus Week #13 12.26.11

Good Afternoon ladies! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is well rested and ready for the New Year! What a whirlwind these past few months have been for me! WOW! I have definitely learned a lot and am totally ready for the New Year like you wouldn't believe!!!

How about you all?

What have you learned from this challenge?


  • Kkmama
    Kkmama Posts: 544 Member
    Wow we are coming to the end already!
    What have I learned this challenge... that I can't take myself too seriously, that it is not worth it to beat myself up because the scale is not reflecting what I think it should. My mantra this challenge has been "this is a journey, not a destination!"
    I kind of lost by focus during this challenge and did not lose any weight this challenge, and I am okay with it. I am re focused now.... bring on 2012!
  • miss_amy
    miss_amy Posts: 351
    i learned a lot in this challenge about myself and the trends i see myself doing. for instance, i know now that for me one bad cheat day usually turns to multiple bad days. that is something i need to work on in the new year. if i have a bad day, i need to make sure i don't ruin the entire week and jump right back on the wagon the next day. i also learned that no matter what, if you continue to watch what you're eating and work out, you will see results eventually. although my weight loss is slow, i'm still losing when i am at my best. even though i will not be making my new years goal, i lost over 10lbs in this challenge and that is a success in my eyes, especially with the holidays and all!
  • MelL1205
    MelL1205 Posts: 1,200 Member
    I learned that while I thought I had made great strides in conquering my emotional eating, I am no better off than I ever was... I just must have had less binges because I had less issues over the summer. Alas, I am also ready to kick off these last 12-15lbs (depends on the day I weigh myself). I only lost 8lbs in this challenge... which as compared to the fall knockouts challenge looks pathetic because I lost 24 then, but that's ok. A loss is a loss.
  • AmyByExample
    AmyByExample Posts: 422 Member
    Hi! Sorry so late - I don't know if anyone will see this. I can't believe I made it thru the whole challenge, then missed the final weigh-in!

    I learned that I need to give something up if I'm ever going to win this weight loss battle. I haven't quite figured out what that will be (sleep, kids activities, hours at work?)... but I'm on a mission to find out!

    Thanks Krys for heading this up!

  • Sugar_Apple
    Sugar_Apple Posts: 951 Member
    Christmas was actual pretty good and ate I had fun and didnt gain any weight...
    I totally failed at this challenge however as much as my exercise was off...my eating was in check most of the time and I was able to maintain most of the time.

    For 2012 I want to get that balance between work and working out...but over December I went shopping for new stuff because I have been wearing too big clothes for a while...and I realise that although I havent made it yet I need to be proud of what I've achieved so for and love my body just as it is....yes its not perfect but its mine....Of course I will continue to work out and improve it but at least by looking good and feeling good it stops me from being so depressed all the time