January Challenge: "The Gauntlet"

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January Challenge: “The Gauntlet”

This is a spinoff of a program I used to do during triple sessions during my college football days. The great thing about “The Gauntlet” is it is adaptable to all exercise levels.
Before starting the gauntlet you must measure how many reps you can do of each of the following exercises in 60 seconds.

Push up
Box step up
Wall high jump (stands against a wall with one arm above your head and jump to reach your highest point)
Chair or box dips
Lunges (left and right leg lunge counts as one)
Box drill (4 cones set 8 feet apart in a box formation. Sprint from one cone to the next, then side shuffle to the next, back pedal to the next and shuffle back to the start, that is one rep)

After taking these measurements you want to divide them in half and round up to the nearest whole number and write them on a card to carry with you.

On the day of the gauntlet you want to set up a station for each of the exercises any order is fine. Pick any exercise to start with, set a stop watch and go through the gauntlet doing the number of reps on your card. You must complete 3 cycles through the gauntlet then write down the time it took you to complete all 3 cycles.

The gauntlet is to be done once a week in addition to your normal routine. The goal from one gauntlet to the next is to beat your previous time.

Post up if you are interested or have any questions. Once January starts post up your weekly times and your goal time for the following weeks gauntlet.

Join up, it will be a blast!