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This is completely unrelated to fitness, but the easiest way I have to get a lot of responses from a lot of people.

I currently use Bare Escentuals makeup. I like it but I don't LOVE it. I see pictures of girls with this amazing made up skin. It looks fresh and dewy and smooth.

What type of foundation do you use? Cost is not really an issue, but I am in the US, so something that is available here please!


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    wayyyallllllll, since you asked, i am a mary kay skin care and foundation user. i've made shayyy01 a convert too! if you PM me, i can send you my link (i'm a beauty consultant on the side of my gov't contracting job). free gift comes with purchase of $40 and above. and by free, i mean i buy it for you :)
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    I use clinique. I like it.

    i switched to bare essentuals for a short time, but even though they claim it won't, it always made my face seem like it was 'caked' in makeup. Also, in texas (hi-sweat, hi-humidity) bare essentuals just 'slid' off my face. I don't use a lot of foundation, I just use a tiny bit of clinique, no powder, and I think it does OK.
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    I vary from day to day and season to season. Right now I've been using Sheer Cover (kind of fell victim to the infomercials, but it's pretty great stuff), which I'm actually loving right now; it does give that "dewy" look. You could also get that look with using a little bronzer or shimmer over your foundation. For more coverage I'm using MakeUp Forever High Definition Foundation.
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    Bare Minerals on the rare occasion I wear it.
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    I absolutely love Stila....and Urban Decay....I normally only use a powder though, no foundation....maybe sometimes a little primer...Urban Decay makes an AWESOME primer...
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    I love clinique foundation.
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    Ex makeup artist myself. The trick is usually a foundation to even skin tone and a proper powder depending on skintype to make yea look flawless and a highlighted and contour to accentuate the face.
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    Clinique has this stuff called city block...its kind of like a light liquid foundation with built in sunscreen....I never leave the house without it. I top it off w/ a little powder and I'm good all day.
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    I've always wondered that too - I am extremely pale, with rosacea, so I need full-coverage but very light tone - it's always been near impossible for me to get that combo right. Most pale makeup is very pink-toned, which is terrible for my already-pink skin. Liquids are too drying so I've always stuck to creme foundations, but getting a natural, not cakey look is tough.

    So, my lovely boyfriend just bought me a whole Bare Escentuals set of stuff for Christmas, and so far I love it. I get much better results using the foundation primer first, rather than just the powders alone, and even when running and sweating it stays on. Do you use the primer normally?

    It definitely takes some practice to avoid the cakey look, but I like it much better than the creme foundation (Revlon colorstay or Revlon Photoready) I was using. I custom mix the Pale and the Light colors to get the right shade for me.
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    You may want to check out you tube for foundation reviews. Make Up Forever seems to have postive reviews .
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    I use Pur, similar to bare minerals I believe. It is a pressed mineral powder with spf, you can buy it at sephora or ulta. Alas, I don't turn into a commercial chick, but I'm satisfied with its results. Lately I'm getting the wonderful late 20s acne flareups and it does a great job covering it :p My mother also wears it and loves it too so it is good for all ages.
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    Thank you everyone! I have the foundation primer, but I don't use it as often as I should. Maybe I should try using it regularly under my foundation.

    Also, to the former makeup artist....I really need someone to teach me how to do all that. I suck at makeup.
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    i use neutrogena healthy skin foundation i, it works wonders is not expensive and has spf and other good things in it for your skin, i also use clinique even better foundation its pretty amazing as well just pricey
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    I bought some Physicians Formula, and I'm really starting to like it!
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    the few times i wear foundation, it's a tinted sunscreen.

    being a red head, it's hard to find a foundation that is right for my irish-pink skin. and i ALWAYS have to wear sunscreen anyway. everyday, i wear a moisturizer that has SPF 30 in it (yes, even in winter). but when i get ALL the war paint out, it's a tinted sunscreen for foundation.
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    Avon! I love, love, love their cream-to-powder foundation. And being a red-head with pale skin I know how hard it is to find a foundation that works. I've been using this one for years. Actually, I love it so much that when my Avon consultant got out of the business, I started selling just to get the foundation. It's not just about the color though but something that works with your skin as well. I've tried other brands (everything from Mary Kay to Cover girl) but many have dried out my skin even though I use a moisterizer every day.
  • chashlee
    Mary Kay has great foundation..... I use it and love it!!
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    Just plain ol' cover girl for me. I love Mary Kay but it's a bit too expensive for me.
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    i think the key is to care for your skin AND use good makeup. another thing that helps is to use a spray on sunscreen misted over the face (gently) to give it dewiness...also, those makeup-stay mists can do that as well ^.^

    good luck~i have the same problem and have tried every drugstore brand as well as brands like Clinique and Lancome...and bb creams...and stage makeup XD
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    I use dream matte mousse foundation and then brush a light powder (like bare minerals or even something cheaper) over top of it...lasts ALL day!! I love it :)