Newbie from Europe

Hi there :) I am an early 40 newbie from Europe looking for support to get rid of 15 extra lbs. I have started using this site right after Xmas and I love it - but it would be so nice to find some friends to join in - anyone interested?


  • SeaSiren1
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    I'm the same age as you. Which part are you from? (request sent)
  • Fit_Forever25
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    wow its so good to see you people here and this gives me immense motivation as some of my frens and people around keeps on telling me that its too late for me now to get into my dream shape! :brokenheart: I am almost reaching 30.. I am 28 years old now but people always tell me that its really late now and I should now dream a perfect body in next life :sad:
    I never gave up .. infact giving up was never an option!
    Motivation and hard work is all we need innit ladies?
  • Prozack1964
    hello and welcome here hope you have a great day