New to the forum, been using MFP for a while now

Hi everyone, I intend to start posting on here more. I've been using the MFP app for android for about 80 days I think.
My name is Jenna, my top weight was 181 lbs (I'm 5'6"). When I started using MFP I was at 172 lbs and 80 days later I'm at 153.5lbs. I typically work out 6 days a week doing 30-45 mins of cardio (sometimes more). I fell off the diet and exercise wagon only slightly during the holidays but now that they're passed I'm ready to go full on! My goal weight was originally 140 lbs but I'm starting to think in the end I'd like to weigh about 135 lbs.

Everyone here is so motivating, especially the before and after pics! (now if I could only find out how to post pics)



  • Pickles11
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    Welcome! You are pretty similar to me (I'm 5'7) and I am currently at 155. I love me some cardio as well and try to do it 6 days a week as well. I'm finding that it definitely takes time since we don't have too much to lose, but if we keep with it we will definitely reach our goals! I found that posting here has held me accountable and also inspired me every day to do the best I can to eat properly and workout. Welcome and good luck
  • jenna715
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    Yes, it does take time! I was stuck at 155 for like 3 weeks(sometimes its hard to resist and extra snack or two) and finally say the "3" on the scale yesterday and today =) so hopefully I've started losing again!