Operation Sexy Claus THANK YOU

Krys_T Posts: 1,406 Member
I just wanted to tell you ladies that I am so thankful for those of you that stuck with it, checked in, and fought for your own health and happiness. I know we all have had some ups and downs and I am glad to see that we finished together. Whether you lost the 15lbs or not, I hope that you all learned something from this challenge about yourselves. Please take the time we have had together to only better yourselves and reach your goals!

You will always have a friend in me...thank you for everything! :)


  • MelL1205
    MelL1205 Posts: 1,200 Member
    :smile: Thank you for everything, Krys.
  • jamerican23
    jamerican23 Posts: 175 Member
    awe Krys i did 'nt do so great but i did learn no matter what we cant do it alone and never give up .....I am waitng for the next challenge Krys and you as the captain you are a great motivator.... Happy New Year and Happy and Healthy US
  • cdngrl81
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    Thank you so much for your dedication throughout! I didn't get close to 15lbs, but I know that to lose the weight I want, I have to stop making excuses for myself and just get'er done. :laugh:
  • Kkmama
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    Thank you too! I found this last challenge difficult, but it kept me on the straight and not so narrow! Good luck everyone on your continued journey to health!
  • Sugar_Apple
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    I'm now seeing this....

    Thanks krys..Is been a tough time but I managed to maintain and not gain because of you guys...Looking forward to ripping it in 2012 with you guys