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Starting the Sonoma diet

Hey I'm just starting the Sonoma diet in an attempt to lose 5kg which I've put on over the last year. Has anyone had any experience with it before? I've picked it because I enjoy a lot of the food it recommends eating and restricts on plate size rather than actual food types which I'm hoping will allow me to keep my interest.

Day 1 has commenced I hope I can stick it out!


  • skinnydreams165
    skinnydreams165 Posts: 101 Member
    I've never heard of it, but wanted to root you on with your weight loss goals
  • Livingdeadgirl44
    Livingdeadgirl44 Posts: 264 Member
    Thanks :) Yes I did a search on here and there isn't much on the forums. I got the diet from a relative who recommended it so we shall see.