Sugar Substitute?

bug1114 Posts: 268 Member
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good tasting sugar substitute? I only use sugar in my coffee and hot tea, and I strongly dislike the taste of splenda. I'm looking for something that tastes as close as possible to sugar and doesn't have a weird aftertaste.


  • TeutonicKnight
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    Honestly, I use cinnamon as a natural sweetener. It has beneficial attributes!
  • I like to use stevia, it's natural and is a liquid. Or if you prefer the powdered packet version similar to splenda you can try Truvia.
  • kasrentz
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    I like truvia.
  • mp13cat
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    I use Truvia in my coffee.
  • NiciS72
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    While many may disagree with me, I like Stevia. I didn't like many of the brands, but now use Truvia and think it's closest to sugar as you can get. I made the switch 5-6 months ago when I decided to eliminate artificial sweeteners from my diet.
  • lniffa
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    I use Truvia in my tea.
  • chameleon73
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    I've tried most sugar substitutes, and though most people I know say they can't taste a difference, I can. They all have a weird aftertaste. I can't get past that enough to use them. I would recommend honey. It will take a little getting used to, but at least the aftertaste doesn't taste like chemicals.
  • Raclex
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    I've tried them all. Stevia, Truvia, Splenda and simply don't like the after taste. So I stick to cane sugar. 2 tea spoons a day isn't going to hinder my fat loss. I'm just careful with portions and watch the total amount calories at the end of the day. I'd rather 'skip' on something else than to have anything else but cane sugar in my coffee :wink:
  • mark2605
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    Xylitol is a great 100% natural substitute, derived from tree bark. It is a compound your body even makes on its own in small quantities. It has the added bonus of being good for your teeth. Great for adding to hot drinks (but can't be used for baking), it's the closest thing to sugar I have found, and has an almost non-existent GI/GL (i.e. does nothing to your blood sugar level).

    Possible downside: it CAN have a laxative effect - I've never experienced this but know people who have - but a teaspoon or two may not trigger this effect for you. Maybe try it at home the first time.
  • JJMS
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    Splenda is ok, but I love Ideal!!! You can get it in the white and brown sugar substitute which is great for cooking also!
  • kltobin2010
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    Sugar in the raw is my choice, its all natural, no processing or anything and it's only 15 cal for 1 tsp which seems to be sweet enough for me but can be adjusted according to your taste. But there are no chemicals and no processing so you know is 100% natural and it taste great!
  • I use agave or unpasteurized honey, sugar for me now has a aftertaste...
  • CyberEd312
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    I use 3 spoonfuls of Domino Pure Cane sugar in my morning coffee everyday. It's 15 calories a spoonful, so I think I can manage that into my menu.......
  • eschwanda
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    I use agave or honey. But dont use too much agave, add a little at first and adjust to your taste. I added a tablespoon the first time and it was too sweet. Now i usually only add a teaspoon, which is about 20 calories. Its natural too. I tried stevia and truvia but they taste like splenda to me and I HATE artificial sugars.