Exercise and Pregnancy

I am now 14 weeks! whoo hooo! after having two miscarries i am skeptical about exercising! i lost my babies at 11 and 13 weeks last time so i have done very little these past few weeks hoping it would help. Went to the doctor yesterday and my baby is twirling and moving and has a strong heartbeat! I am so excited!

I am trying to avoid gaining excess weight and would like to exercise but i tend to stop anything if i get any kind of sharp pain. I kno it is attributed to round ligament pain and my dr said i can do any kind of exercise as long as im not on my back (i wonder if that includes sex? :P) but i am at a loss of what i should do...

I would love any thoughts or suggestions on exercises that i should do or if there are any in particular that are recommended for pregnancy.

Thanks so much God bless!


  • sarah_boombah
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    Hey, congratulations again :) I'm so happy for you! What about some sort of yoga? And just check before hand with the instructor if there's anything you can't do.
  • Kksd605
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    I liked swimming. Dr's usually recommend low impact. I also used a stationary bike and walked a lot.
  • Kelly051282
    This is my first pregnancy (21 weeks now), but I didn't exercise the first trimester in part due to morning sickness, but also because I feared a miscarriage. Don't do anything strenuous, but keep moving. LIGHT swimming (it can wear you out) or water aerobics, pre-natal yoga, or just walking or the elliptical at a slow pace.

    I was doing boot camp workouts in a warehouse pre-pregnancy and stopped immediately, now I walk at 3.0-3.5 mph on the treadmill, do light weights and stretch. I wasn't eating very well until recently, but have managed to keep my gain to 10 lbs. so far.
  • Nicolee_2014
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    I've just started the Jillian Michaels 30DS & yesterday was day 4 - but I just didn't have it in me to do it (had already done 20mins on the elliptical). I'm thinking that maybe I should stop doing it because I'm fairly certain (haven't confirmed it yet but) that I'm a few weeks pregnant & I don't want to do any damage. How ever, for the past 5 months I've been going to a personal trainer 2 x a week & have been fairly active fit. So it may not hurt to continue to do it??

    I guess I should just make a doc's appt & speak to her about it.
  • Mariposa187
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    my doctor said i can do any type of exercise i was doing before but i feel like the ea active fit is a little too strenuous. Its cold outside so i haven't been able to walk other then when i go to the store. I would like to stay active as i am already obese and dont want to gain more than 20 lbs max. I have only gained 3 lbs so far but i have been sedentary the first trimester due to the pain and some slight bleeding. The nausea is slowly subsiding so hopefully i will be back to eating lots of fruits and veggies. Thx for the suggestions!