Why is your food diary public?

deeharley Posts: 1,208 Member
Okay, I'm mostly just being a smart-alec here, I'm in that kind of mood. I always see the question, "Why is your food diary private?" Why doesn't anyone wonder why someone's is public?


  • StrawberriMilk
    personally i don't care either way, i only look at my own :sick:
  • realme56
    realme56 Posts: 1,093 Member
    I don't care if people know what I eat. I do not comment to folks who are under their calories but keep their diaries private cause they could be eating poorly and under their calories too, just my view!
  • Daysednconfused
    Daysednconfused Posts: 975 Member
    Mine is public because I have asked a few people for tips and they asked to be able to see my diary. I do look at others' diaries, mostly because I'm nosey :laugh:, but I'm curious about what other people are eating while they are trying to lose weight and to get tips on other foods to add to my menu! :bigsmile:
  • ahalla
    ahalla Posts: 66 Member
    I sometimes look at my friends to see what others are eating...hell they might be eating something I never thought I could eat on a diet?!
  • ishallnotwant
    ishallnotwant Posts: 1,210 Member
    I love checking out what other people are eating. It gives me ideas for my own diet.
  • Pebble321
    Pebble321 Posts: 6,554 Member
    Good question... well, it's as good a question as "why keep it private" anyway :smile:

    Mine is public because... um, I don't remember why I made it public nearly a year ago. I haven't had any reason to change it since, but I really don't have an issue with what other people choose to do.
  • ajanmillie
    ajanmillie Posts: 241 Member
    Mine is public to my friends. I don't care if my friends see.
  • tsolomon75
    tsolomon75 Posts: 26 Member
    I agree, I only view my own...
    Not worried about anyone elses.
  • bshedwick
    bshedwick Posts: 659 Member
    I'm here to be healthier and want to try to share my success with others. Wouldn't mind construction criticism and I have nothing to hide.
  • veganbaum
    veganbaum Posts: 1,865 Member
    Shall I make some snarky comments like on the private diary threads -

    "Oh, people who have their diaries public must be attention seekers or need outside validation, why else would they have it public?"

    Why do people care so much? Some are public, some are private. People have different levels of comfort. Shouldn't that be respected?
  • rbbrrmqn
    rbbrrmqn Posts: 132 Member
    Mine is private bc if I want input on what I am eating, I'll ask for it--otherwise....
  • paigebolling
    paigebolling Posts: 65 Member
    I keep my public because I decided to completley commit myself to my diary even if I ate something horrible. Makes me accountable and I really think before I eat something. Would I want everyone on the internet to know that I ate that and I'm claiming to be trying to loose weight. :ohwell: